rowrow, the affectionate long hair chihuahua princess

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rowrow the chihuahua posing like the princess she is

introducing rowrow the chihuahua!

rowrow is a 4 year old 2.5 lb long hair chihuahua. she lives in vancouver, canada and travels occasionally with mommy to seattle to shop. she loves chicken flavor treats and learned how to ‘high five’ in only 2 short days so she could have them.

rowrow is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. she also loves to sleep and enjoys baths because she loves the smell of shower gel. she has a lot of chihuahua clothes and loves to be in an outfit every time she goes out. she is my little princess.


eva tang of vancouver, b.c., canada

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  1. June

    This is the cutest chihuahua that I’ve ever seen. I’m looking to adopt a little girl chihuahua; could you possibly email me the name of this breeder?

    -June D.

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