roxie famous chihuahua

the fabulous miss roxie, a chihuahua star from soddy daisy, tennessee!

taco bell chihuahua

“look mommy, i’m famous!”

at a year old, little miss roxie garcia lives in soddy daisy, tennessee with her mommy perla rodriguez.  roxie isn’t your typical chihuahua.  nope, she’s a total mommy’s girl!  originally roxie was born in hixson, tennessee and was the only female in her litter of five chihuahua puppies, but nobody claimed her so perla jumped at the opportunity and has loved her dearly since.

roxie enjoys relaxing on the couch, playing with her toys and seeking attention – she actually thinks she’s human!  she dislikes going outside when it’s too hot, too cold, or raining and she never wants to be left home, so she rides with mommy everywhere.  she has her own bed, a ton of cute chihuahua clothes, her own paw polish and absolutely loves baths.

roxie is very picky eater.  she prefers moist ceasar delights over dog dry food and is very territorial when a stranger comes around.  she prefers humans over playing with other dogs and she loves to pose for pictures, play fetch and is just all around fun, furry and fabulous!

congratulations perla, your sweet little roxie is now a famous chihuahua!

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