featured famous chihuahua ruby scrumptious

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ruby scrumptious the famous chihuahua
famous chihuahua introduces the very gorgeous ruby scrumptious
submitted by michelle hill from the uk

ruby has been featured on the cover of “london dog tails” …

ruby scrumptious on the cover of london tails

and also has a dog deli name a heart-shaped biscuit after her!

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  1. Ruby Scrumptious

    Hey it’s me!!!
    You can see more piccies of me THE infamous London Chihuahua & all my Chi n Toy pals at my website!
    Please leave me a comment! I am dying to get one of those cool t-shirts to wear in the park or on one of my group meets! yaaaaay ;p

    Chi-hua-hua Powerrrrr!

    email [email protected]

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