chocolate chipotle chihuahua

meet senior chocolate chipotle, a gnarly chihuahua from stroudsburg, pennsylvania

growling chihuahua

“grrr, look mama, i’m famous!”

little chocolate chipotle lives in stroudsburg, pennsylvania with his owner leatha nonnemaker and her seven-year-old son achilleus nonnemaker.  8 years ago chocolate chipolte was rescued from a breeder who couldn’t sell him because he was born with a broken front leg, but now he lives a pampered beautiful life of luxury.

chocolate chipolte loves to play, cuddle, and sleep with leatha’s son.   in this picture, he is protecting his precious bone from a rottweiler puppy during one of his camping adventures.  no car ride is too far for chocolate as he enjoys traveling, meeting new people and making new furry friends!

congratulations leatha, chocolate chipotle is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®


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