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chihuahuas sookie and belle amie, precious plane cargo lost in flight

chihuahua puppies, precious cargo that survived being lost in flight

dear famous chihuahua®

i would like to share the story of how my precious chihuahua puppies sookie and belle amie (beautiful friend) came into mine and my family’s life.

sookie and belle amie were a gift sent to us by plane from the dominican republic to quito, ecuador where we live. they were supposed to arrive early in the morning but when we got to the airport we were informed that their flight had been delayed because of bad weather. we later found out that the flight had been delayed again. we grew very concerned as the chihuahua puppies were going to go for 2 days without eating or drinking anything and were only 1 ½ months old. their chances of surviving were low.

when the plane finally arrived, nobody could locate miss sookie and belle amie. we began to look for answers regarding their whereabouts and started to walk all over the airport in search of them, but no one could tell us what had happened to them. a man on staff told us that “if the puppies died, it was not their problem.” i still remember feeling my heart sink to experience the inhumanity of this man when he said this without feeling the slightest remorse.

four hours later, while i was frantically running around the airport trying to find them, a boy heard us talking about our lost chihuahua puppies and approached us to inform us that in the plane he was on that had just landed contained the puppies and they were placed in the care of the hostesses at the international departure gate. when we finally found them, they were very frightened and trembling.

today sookie and belle amie are a happy and healthy six months old and we can safely say that we feel blessed to to have them in our lives. they are our two beautiful little girls and we love them dearly.


maria jose cabeza from quito, ecuador

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