daddy’s little girl, sophia the chihuahua

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daddys little girl, sophia the chihuahua

dear famous chihuahua,

i am sophia the chihuahua, but my daddy calls me bambi or bam. i am two years old and i love people food! mommy found me when my original owner moved away and could no longer keep me. wow did i luck out! i am always the center of attention at home and daddy hates to admit how much he loves driving me around in his truck. in this picture you see me resting my tired paws on daddy’s lap after a long day at the beach.

a special message from sophie’s owners

everyone should adopt a chihuahua to be loved by. our little sophie has so much love to give and we love to wake up to all her kisses. she has changed our lives for the better.

forever loved by our famous chihuahua sophia,
jacqueline and ryan llorin of monterey, ca.

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  1. Allie

    Sophia is gorgeous!!! I completely agree that everyone should try and adopt a chihuahua. I adopted Coco a month ago today and am extremely happy that i am able to be her mommy.

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