meet stoney maddock, the blue nose chihuahua from northern california!

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blue nose chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

little stoney maddock is a 17 month old blue nose chihuahua that weighs 4.5 lbs. and lives happily with his mommy kortney and her husband in the bay area of northern california.  stoney is a very compassionate, tenacious little teddy bear that’s full of life, loves to play hard and has a special healing power that brings happiness and joy if you’re sad or depressed.

blue chihuahua

“i love you mommy and daddy!”

stoney loves to go camping with the family and lives for the out doors.  not only does he hold the key to his mommy’s heart, but he is also daddy’s best little buddy!  stoney’s family feels very lucky have him and pray he lives a long, happy and  fulfilled life.

blue nose chihuahua in sheets

“peek-a-boo mama!”

congratulations kortney, your sweet little stoney maddock is now a famous chihuahua!

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  1. Sabrina

    Im a blue nose lover and I’m searching for a chihuahua like this one !!! They are so adorable ! Can you tell me where they are from ? Where can I get one ? Please . Thank you a lot !!

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