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Famous Chihuahua Wants to Feature YOUR Chihuahua!

Send us your chihuahua pictures or video and your name will automatically be entered in a draw to win FREE Famous Chihuahua merchandise!

Famous Chihuahua believes that all chihuahuas should be famous for a day, so we are inviting chihuahua owners from all over the globe to send us your chi babies to feature at

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Comments 10

  1. kari

    they r adorable!!!! we have one who was just their size a couple a years ago and she is spoiled rotten, but we LOVE HER TO DEATH

  2. yery

    i love chihuahuas because theyre the best dogs ever, i have one and its very cute! i love him so much becuse is tiny and a very good friend.

  3. Dani

    hi where is the best local place that will ship a free chihuahua PUPPY ? in VB chesapeake? that loves kids other big dogs and lots of people!. potty trained and does not chew up the houe!! that part is a big deal!

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