meet tasha! this darling little chihuahua is a rising star in quebec, canada!

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i'm famous!

“look mama, i’m famous!”

bonjour! my name is sylvie gougeon and i’m writing from quebec, canada.

allow me to introduce you to tasha, my 17 year old daughter samantha’s darling chihuahua. tasha was born on february 6th of this year and when samantha saw her for the first time, she instantly fell in love and had to have her. she paid for her with her own money!

tasha sleeps under our bedspread. in the morning she hides from samantha’s father because she’s so cozy and doesn’t want to go outside! she cries if she’s alone, but when she is traveling she sleeps in a handbag. it’s adorable! tasha also likes to take care of our 7 year old coley, daisy. when a stranger approaches daisy, tasha will brave up and show her gnarly teeth!

congratulations samantha and sylvie, your sweet tasha is now a famous chihuahua!

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  1. georgina banford

    -my little boy sleeps with me under the blankets he going on eight i got him when he was four months

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