tazzy the chihuahua
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tazzy the chihuahua

tazzy the chihuahua
tazzy the chihuahua sits pretty for the camera. "woof!"

“hello world, i am tazzy the chihuahua! i live in sydney, australia with my owner jose cicciarelo.”

little tazzy lives the good life. he is fed fresh lamb chops from the butcher and chicken schnitzel too. he loves to go for walks and at night he sleeps in an iron framed bed fit for a king!

everyday little tazzy travels to work with his jose and wears a seatbelt for safety purposes. he loves to dress up and on halloween he went trick or treating dressed as a little devil. he only wears leather collars and sweaters and jumpers when its cold.

little tazzy is very much loved by his family. they simply don’t know what they would do without him. he is forever a part of the cicciarelo clan. little tazzy says, “thank you jose for taking such good care of me!”

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