teddy and bella

bella boo boo and her brother teddy winkle! two famous chihuahuas!

chihuahuas going for car ride

“come on mummy let’s go pawty!”

little miss bella boo boo is back and she wants you to meet her brother Teddy Winkle!  teddy is a short-haired chihuahua with a face you’ll never forget!  here, the two of them are strapped into the back seat of their mummy’s range rover excited to go out and celebrate bella’s first birthday!  thank goodness bella had on her lovely pink tartan coat to keep her dry because it rained!

two famous chihuahuas

“we’re famous mummy!”

teddy winkle and bella boo boo are simply adorable in their cute chihuahua outfits in this picture with their mummy at a local pub.  bella boo boo looks like a superstar in her pink knitted turtle neck sweater worn by bruiser the famous chihuahua in the movie legally blonde!

congratulations charlotte, your sweet chibabies are famous chihuahuas!

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