meet tinkerbell! ..this little cuddle bug is a chihuahua fashion trendsetter!

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i'm famous!

“look, i’m a fabulously famous chihuahua!”

tinkerbell is the beloved chihuahua of siblings, aspen and riley kortmeyer in dallas, texas.  also known as “tink”, she just loves to dress up in bling and is a chihuahua fashion trendsetter!

tinkerbell is adored because she acts as if each day is the very best day of her life and her loyalty, sweetness and lovable ways make her the most wonderful companion!  she loves to cuddle, go for car rides and play tag with mr. roro the cat.  at a mere 2.75 lbs, tinkerbell is celebrating her first birthday this month!  let’s all wish her a happy birthday!

congratulations aspen and ashley, your sweet little tinkerbell is a famous chihuahua!

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