meet tiny timbits! a tiny 2 lb chihuahua from british columbia, canada!

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teacup chihuahua tea time

“it’s tea time mommy and daddy!”

our chihuahua’s name is hachihuahuas tiny timbits.  he is special because he only weighs 2 lbs, but still meets the CKC and AKC show standards for Chihuahuas!

our kennel name, “Hachihuahua” is a tribute to the loyalty of the dog named Hachi (Hachi, a Dog’s Tale), which is the true story of an Akita that met his master’s train every day for 9 years after his owners death…..a loyalty that is also evident in Chihuahuas as timbits will sit in our bay window, motionless, until our return.  we just love him to bits!

congratulations david and monika mcintosh, your tiny timbits is a famous chihuahua!

is your chihuahua cute and famous in your eyes?  click here to submit their picture!

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