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meet tony stark, the famous chihuahua named after iron man the superhero!

tony stark famous chihuahua

“look mama. i’m famous!”

tony stark is a handsome long-coat brindle chihuahua from monroe, louisiana named after robert downey jr’s super hero character, iron man.  tony is a sweet, lovable, clumsy chihuahua that’s always smiling.  he speaks ‘doggy language’ all the time and loves to sleep upside down in weird positions.  the fact that he is both cute and clumsy is what makes him super adorable!

congratulations aimee easley, tony sparks is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®

follow tony sparks and his chihuahua family on facebook at the chivengers chihuahua page
follow tony sparks and his chihuahua family on instagram at @thechivengers


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