tucker famous chihuahua

meet tucker, a charming chihuahua from florence, south carolina!

ong haired black chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

tucker is an 8 lb long haired chihuahua that absolutely loves and adores his family!  his favorite thing to do is crawl on your lap and wrap his arms around your neck just like he is hugging you.  he also loves spending time outside just basking in the sun.  you can get his attention anytime by saying the word “good boy,” and he always knows that means that there’s a treat involved.

tucker always sits in the window ready to greet mommy and daddy when they come home from work.   he is a serious bed hog, but mum and dad wouldn’t have it any other way!

congratulations kinsley, tucker is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®


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