two hip chihuahuas chica and ebony

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two hip chihuahuas chica and ebony

“we’re too sexy for our shirts, too sexy for our shirts, so sexy it hurts. and we’re too sexy for milan, too sexy for milan new york and japan.” … introducing chica and ebony, two hip chihuahuas living happily with their mummy lisa in sunny capetown, south africa.

chica the chihuahua, also known as ‘chicken’, is five years old and loves to chase birds even though her eyes cross sideways away from her nose. her tongue hangs out most of the time and she has to wear a hat and doggles to protect her from the potentially harmful rays of the hot south african sun.

chica the chihuahua in her doggles

ebony the chihuahua is 11 years old and very protective over mummy. he suffered a mild stroke two years ago and goes to acupuncture sessions once a month and to hydrotherapy swimming sessions every saturday to ensure he stays mobile.

little ebony is very special to mummy and loves to go for walks around the block to leave his pee-mail along the way. he sure is a looker in his cool biker outfit and shades. both chihuahuas adore one another and mummy adores them.

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