famous chihuahua valentin

meet valentin, the famous chihuahua of gema llopis from valenzia, spain!

beautiful girl and chihuahua

“isn’t my mommy beautiful!”

white applehead chihauhua

“i love you mommy!”

chihauhua beach

“i’m a stud.”


“mommy, did you say we’re going for a walk?”


“look mama, i’m a famous chihuahua!”

the very beautiful gema and her sweet valentin live in valenzia, spain, where valentin attracts attention everywhere they go. valentin is a superstar and his rise to stardom has just begun! be sure to ask for his paw-tograph if you spot him! click here to visit valentin on facebook!

“my beautiful gema, you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

~love daniel


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