velvet the chihuahua

the itty bitty teeny weeny deerhead chihuahua with a beautiful coat

mommy calls me velvet because of my beautiful fur coat!

dear famous chihuahua®

this is my 1 year old female deerhead chihuahua velvet. it fit’s her perfectly because of her healthy velvety smooth coat. we also are the proud owners of velvet’s mommy nixie and when she had velvet, we just had to keep her because she was so precious.

velvet is a chihuahua that loves to do tricks for treats. whenever i say “treat” to velvet, she get’s so excited and follows me to go get a treat for her. i give her canine carryout treats in pepperoni pizza. she rolls over, barks, sits, begs, and will literally do anything for treats!

velvet loves to chew on bones, her rope toys and squeaky little stuffed animals. she’s not picky and will play with any toy i buy her. the way her little face lights up when i bring home a new toy is adorable. all chihuahua owners can relate to seeing how excited this makes them.

my chihuahuas are everything to me – they are like my children. i love them with all my heart and am so happy to have them in my life.

“paws”-i-tively yours

mindy from utah

famous chihuahua’s fashion pick for sweet little velvet:
crocodile pink daimante collar as worn by bruiser the chihuahua in legally blonde the musical

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