yoda paco chihuahuas3

yoda and paco, two chihuahuas that love to relax from middleton ohio!

two short haired chihuahuas

“look mama, we’re famous!”

meet yoda and paco!  these little chibabies belong to patty conrad of middleton, ohio and together they are companions for life!

yoda is the oldest at 6 years old and paco is only 3.  together they make the best companions and are simply the sweetest chihuahuas you’d ever want to meet!  outside of chilling with each other, they love to relax, spend time in the sun and go for car rides with mama!

two chihuahuas in a blanket

“what up?”

two chihuahuas on the couch

“did someone say car ride?”

congratulations patty, yoda and paco are famous chihuahua!

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