zeus the sun bathing chihuahua

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zeus the sun bathing chihuahua

“hello world, i am zeus the chihuahua! i am 9 months old and i live with my mommy michelle wheatly in the small town of batavia, new york.”

zeus’ mommy tells us that when she first saw chihuahua puppy pictures of little zeus, she knew immediately that she had to have him! she also told us that zeus is a very protective chihuahua and loves to give kisses to his family!

in this picture, little zeus is at peace and is content with being at home. he loves to sunbathe and each time he gets a chance, he will sit in the sunlight and bask himself in the warmth of it. he seems to always have a “smile” on his face when he is happy!

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Comments 6

  1. BIG SIS

    hey zeus, its e mak, i just wanna say i luv ya and u r my perfect litle guard chihuahua love ya
    your big sis

  2. MAX

    Zeus, I see you and I have somethings in common!! We “love” the sun!!! but we are also handsome, don’t you think???


  3. Minx

    Chi’s are such sun worshippers. My 2 seak out the sun spot in my apartment, or in Summer lounge in the balcony.
    Zeus do you wear sunscreen ? you look very hansome x

  4. Towbe

    Hi Zeus. It is your pal Towbe here. I am so proud of you being a famous Chihuahua. I love the way you are basking in the sun beams. I like to do that too..

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