dancing chihauhua

meet zola and squirt, two beautiful chihuahuas from queensland, australia!

black and white chihuahua

“look mama, we’re famous!”

meet zola and squirt!  these two beautiful chihuahuas are the lovely chibabies of alice hohenhaus.  the three of them reside happily in queensland, australia, where zola and squirt are momy’s little superstars making her the happiest chi-mommy on the planet!

apple head chihuahua

zola is a 5 year old applehead chihuahua that is always there to comfort mommy through tough times.  whenever mommy feels down or sick, she can always count on zola for emotional support.

dancing chihuahua

squirt on the other hand is an 11 month old long haired chihuahua that has somehow managed to teach himself to dance on his hind legs when he is happy and when he wants to cheer mommy up.  he’s also mommy’s little personal breathing teddy bear as he’s always there for her to cuddle with!

congratulations alice, your sweet zola and rambunctious squirt are now officially famous chihuahuas!

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