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a portion of the proceeds goes to chihuahua charities affiliated with the chihuahuas featured!
click images for a sneak peak of the chihuahuas featured and read their bios below!

“every chihuahua is special, but here’s why we love the little chibaby’s featured in ours!”

januaryharley is the amazing rescue chihuahua who stole our hearts by winning the 2011 famous chihuahua® christmas picture contest!  harley was rescued from a horrible puppy mill where for many years he lived in a filthy cage and was used to breed other chihuahuas.  his story is simply amazing.  click here to read harley’s heart-warming story!

february – sweet little chutney topped the voting polls in the 2012 world’s cutest famous chihuahua picture contest!  his little darling has been struggling with heart issues for some time and she continues to beat the odds!  click here to read chutney’s miraculous story!

march – mighty max!  this little munchkin is a true survivor!  born with severe, scoliosis and a crooked spine, max continues to beat the odds and is living proof that if an animal is born, they deserve the chance to live!  click here to read max’s heart-warming story as told by his savior, sue rogers of The Mia Foundation.

april – zeke the easter bunny!  zeke is a 6 years old long coat chihuahua who lives in paradise-Hawaii.  famous chihuahua first fell in love with this little darling when his picture became an all time favorite in our 2012 easter picture contest!  what makes zeke so special is that he is always smiling and he is the world’s cutest little easter bunny!

mayteaka the famous chihuahua is the very reason this site exists!  her picture is featured for the month of may as her birthday is on may 14th!  this is a special day because it is international chihuahua appreciation day, a day where chihuahua lovers from around the globe unite and celebrate how much they appreciate the chihuahua breed!

june – sweet little jolie topped the voting polls for our  2011 world’s cutest famous chihuahua picture contest!  she lives in messina, italy with her mama danila, where she continues to strut her stuff as the world’s very first cutest famous chihuahua! “come si bella!”

august – “baby emma” is the widely celebrated tiny Chihuahua born with a cleft palate, cleft lip and craniofacial deformities that was rescued at birth through a craigslist post and has since been raised in front of the camera!  emma defines adorable and is a living legacy!  click here to read emma’s wonderful story!

september – raxl is a canadian chihuahua superstar!  raxl’s wonderful picture was submitted for a famous chihuahua picture feature and we loved it so much that we had to include her in our calendar!  submit your chihuahua and they too could be featured in our 2014 calendar!

october – posie the bumble bee was the winner of our 2012 famous chihuahua® halloween picture contest!  her prize was to be featured as the month of October in our calendar!  posie has also been featured as a famous chihuahua and we are ecstatic about her fabulous picture that won our halloween contest!

november – the now world famous akira was also a famous chihuahua picture submission!  we loved this adorable little norwegian chi-baby’s pictures so much that we just had to include her in our calendar as well!

december – precious mia was born with a cleft palate and even though her life was short-lived, she lived it to the fullest. mia faced many medical obstacles on her journey, but she never let it overpower her love for life and people.  she has inspired over 10,000 people world-wide and her legacy continues to create miracles at the mia foundation, a rescue charity that was developed to give animals born with birth defects a fighting chance. we felt it was important to make the month of december a special tribute for baby mia because her legacy and what she stands for.  “the world will always love you mia!”click here to read the mia’s amazing story!

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