.. and the title of the world’s first cutest famous chihuahua goes to jolie!

jolie, the world's first cutest famous chihuahua!

… and the official title of “the world’s first cutest famous chihuahua” goes to … jolie!

congratulazioni to jolie’s mommy, danila gangemi from messina, italy! her sweet little chihuahua jolie topped the voting polls for our great chihuahua giveaway facebook picture contest with over 20% of the overall votes! tempo per festeggiare!

little jolie will receive a fabulous customized gift box from the famous chihuahua store filled with adorable chihuahua clothes and accessories and an authentic famous chihuahua® dog t shirt to wear with pride! make your mommy proud little jolie and let the world know you are now “officially” a famous chihuahua and our very first world’s cutest famous chihuahua!

jemma the chihuahua!

… and a big congratulations to kathy lui’s little miss jemma! with over 16% of the overall votes, this adorable little charmer placed second, officially making her a “famous chihuahua!”

chi chi the chihuahua!

and a huge shout out to connie heferen! her sweet little chi chi topped our polls with over 15% of the votes putting her in third place also making her an official “famous chihauhua!” chi chi is one of our regulars at the famous chihuahua facebook page and a famous chihuahua fan favorite!

famous chihuahua would like to thank the owners of every chihuahua who made it into our top 10 cutest chihuahua. every chihuahua entered is a cutey pie and we wish them lots of loving, kisses, pats on the head and belly rubs!

stay tuned for details on our 2011 facebook chihuahua halloween costume picture contest!

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