emma cleftlip chihuahua

baby emma update: the miracle chihuahua born with a cleft lip and palate

baby emma, the miracle chihuahua born with a cleft lip and palate

“Baby Emma”, the widely celebrated tiny Chihuahua born with a cleft palate, cleft lip and craniofacial deformities in August of 2008 – rescued at birth through a Craigslist post – and raised in front of the camera – continues to thrive and make her mark in the canine community. Since 2008, the world has shared in the daily struggles of this one mighty pup and has been awestruck by the fountain of strength that this miracle Chihuahua emits from her very soul!

“It’s an odd comparison for some”, says Emma’s 2nd Mom – Country Music Singer / Songwriter, Kylie D. Hart – “to look at your own trials, versus those of what so many perceive as “just a dog‟… but there is much to gain from witnessing, and coming to know, the pure LOVE OF LIFE empowering these little creatures…”

The “knowing of Emma” has inspired Kylie to compose a song in tribute of the little dog who has brought so much joy to her life. An acoustic version of “Wings” will soon be available for purchase on Kylie’s website, kyliedhart.com. 100% of the proceeds of the sale of each digital download will go to aid chosen animal rescue organizations in Emma’s honor.

Four years, 6 successful surgeries and thousands of touched hearts since she first graced us, “Baby Emma” continues on as an inspirational icon of strength and symbol of human compassion around the world. Through her “puppy rants and ramblings” on the web and with her various charitable outreach projects, Emma instills courage, faith, endurance and acceptance.

i'm a survivor!

Today, she is a healthy 29 ounce four year old… eating, drinking and breathing on her own. Emma may require future surgical procedures to enhance her quality of life and lessen everyday risks, but for now – she is doing well and is content in her little pink world! With her crooked little grin and a “happy dance”, Emma prances into the homes and hearts of hundreds each day through her pages, photos, videos and live web streams… bridging the gap between animal and human experience.

“She’s absolutely amazing!” offers Emma’s Mama, as she gently strokes the tiny face gazing up at her. “She just radiates HOPE!” Through delicate puppy kisses and dainty paws tickling her cheeks, Elizabeth continues – “From her first tender moments, friends of Emma have come together in a breathtaking show of genuine love and support of her plight.

We will continue to share those blessings with others through every outlet available.There have always been plans to create a children’s book of Emma’s triumphant life story. Now too, another book is in the works… a sort of “play by play” of the events of Emma’s first wavering months of life. As with all of Emma’s projects, proceeds will benefit the many charity works with which Emma and her family “PAW IT FORWARD”!

Emma has had 6 surgeries to date – – for the most part, to no avail. While the small cleft in the far back (soft palate) was temporarily repaired very early on (and then grew closed on its own as she got older) – the front cleft (hard palate) remains wide open. Emma’s face is obviously deformed and since so much tissue had to be taken in the attempts to repair the cleft, she still has that lil’ crooked smile and twisted tiny nose – – but to her Mama, that “fancy face” is the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen!

Emma stayed tiny…. she is just about the same size as she was at 6 months of age – weighing in at just 29 ounces. She is bit taller, a little longer – and is now almost totally hairless – the cause is unknown, but she is to be tested for Cushing’s disease and autoimmune disorders – – the hair loss, nor its cause, gives her no obvious problems at this point – – she’s just a lil’ naked baby… so Elizabeth keeps her covered in style with the help of their dear friend Linda Higgins of dogdressesbylindahiggins.com.

Her tiny skull is still open in several areas – (Her Mama has always said that she should have a tiny pink helmet created for her!! )- – Emma has never really lived the life “of a dog” – – – (more that of a delicate lil’ Princess!) She sleeps in a playpen and her family is very cautious with her in every aspect, but they say that Emma is a happy little Chihuahua girl and they feel blessed to be a part of her world!

While there are still some issues to resolve with Emma’s teeth / mouth / hair / skin – – she has done extremely well, thanks to all of those who have helped make it possible for her to get the medical intervention that she needed as a baby! She has touched so many hearts – Her family is thrilled to have her in their lives and grateful to all of those who have helped to keep her there!

Since Emma no longer requires the 24 hour ’round the clock intense care and treatment that she has in years past, Elizabeth decided a couple of months ago, that it was time to reach out to another pup in need. The idea of that “pup in need” – recently turned into three new little faces who she is now caring for.

Elizabeth has taken in two little Chihuahua ladies who are two years old… they are likely “puppy mill rejects” and culled from the breeder’s program. These girls are terrified of EVERYTHING and simply do not know a thing about socialization, play, life INDOORS – or LOVE. They appear to be in fairly good health, but will require full veterinary evaluations and all of the basics (full blood panel work-ups, vaccinations, heart worm testing, dental work, spay, etc.) – along with lots of TLC in order to prepare them for a new family of their own.

Elizabeth says that she has a positive outlook on their future and foresees no serious long term problems with these two girls. Elizabeth’s other little rescue baby is an 12 week old Chihuahua girl. Little Marilyn is a sweet Chihuahua baby born with, a severe heart defect. We have a confirmed diagnosis per her recent echocardiogram that Marilyn has Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) with a grade 6 (of 6) heart murmur. She literally vibrates!

PDA is a congenital disease which requires immediate surgical intervention. Funds are desperately needed in order to provide Marilyn with the urgent care and treatment that she needs to survive, which pushes the fundraising efforts into “urgent” status, effective immediately. Emma and her family are in the process of raising funds for the care of all four little Chihuahuas…. Emma, Stella, Claire and Baby Marilyn will receive 100% of the proceeds of any and all fundraising efforts while they are under a veterinarian’s care.

Stella, Claire and Marilyn will all be in search of forever families of their own once they are on the road to good health! Please visit the pages and links below to offer your support and keep up to date with the goings on of Emma, her family and their current rescue babies! Visit “Emma Cleft Palate Chihuahua” on Facebook. Join Emma and her family as they share her story of hope and encompass hearts of many, bringing encouragement and support to the world around them!


Emma’s Facebook Group Page For Auction Items


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  • Our chihuahua just had 5 puppies and we have one with a cleft lip. I don’t know what to do it was born 2 he’s ago. Please help!!

  • i just love little Emma ! i have a 5 yr old chihuahua & i am totally in love ! Her mom died at birth & we were lucky enough to find her & give her our home & our hearts ! Her name is Abbey & she weighs 4 pounds. she is healthy now & we were so lucky ! So many have special needs & it is wonderful of you to do this for these precious babies !

  • Treva Poe Bauer
    October 7, 2012 4:27 pm

    hELLO Elizabeth, such a wonderful act of love you are doing.
    I have severe anxiety, panic attacks, severe scolosis, osteoprosis and arthritits in my back. I am looking for a tiny baby to be my companion to go everywhere I do. I’m home all day and able to give 24hr care. I have great refs and would love to adopt Stella or claire. They must be small cause i only weigh 100lbs. There are NO children in my home. I do have 4 small dogs…but not small enough to take places. I would be honored if you would contact me and we could talk.
    If not, god bless and please take care of these angels.
    Treva poe bauer

    P.s. this would not let me do any capitol letters.

  • This is a story of pure love! I LOVE what you are doing to help emma & her furry friends…. If I ever go to your momas state, i’ll listen for your voice and stomps & I come see you!! God Bless, & keep up the outstanding work you are doing!! (Maybe kylie can help me find you by strike a chord on that guitar!?!)

  • Amazing story of hope and courage. Only a chihuhua would survive all those traumas. God Bless.

  • I would love to adopt her as well…. I live in West Virginia…..

  • Absolutely amazing…. She is beautiful !…. I have followed her since day one…. I love her…. she has my heart….. I would love to meet her someday !…..

  • georgina banford
    August 30, 2012 5:36 pm

    hi kylie that was sure nice of you to take emma in to do that sx on her i have a chihuahua that i got seven years ago he was four at the time he is a dearhead he is smaller then my cat is emma also a dearhead? as she looks like one from the picture

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