surgery a success for emma the chihuahua

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emma the chihuahua. click image to witness a miracle!

emma the chihuahua. click the image above to witness a miracle

famous chihuahua has been following the amazing story of emma the chihuahua for some time now. what makes this little miracle munchkin so special is the fact that she was born with a severely defected cleft palate and facial deformities where she had to be fed through a feeding tube.

emma the miracle chihuahua in her scrubs

emma the miracle chihuahua in her scrubs

baby emma has had to endure many surgeries in an attempt to help fix her cleft palate and her mommy dena has been doing every thing she can to help raise funds for baby emma so that she could have her surgeries.

we are happy to report that after her latest and final surgery to repair the defected cleft palate, this little miracle chihuahua is doing great and can now eat all by herself!

see emma the chihuahua eats her first meal all by herself!

see emma the chihuahua eat her first meal all by herself!

we invite you all to see first hand what this little miracle chihuahua had to endure on her big day by clicking on the images above.

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  2. cinzia

    my small daughter saw dah videos nd she hopes 1 day to hav 1 lyk urs.we also had a cat dat hiz mum left him.unfortunatly he waz nt lucky az emma he left us aftr 23 days we had him aftr few days he opend his eyes

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