pablo famouschi shirt

… and the winner of our 2011 christmas picture contest is harley!

harley wins the famous chihuahua christmas picture contest!

congratulations to harley, winner of the 2011 famous chihuahua® christmas picture contest!

this year, harley spent his first christmas safe and sound in freedom. after living in a cage at a horrible puppy mill for 12 years, he was rescued last year and now lives happily with a loving family who gives him all the wonderful things he deserves! with a whopping 32% of the votes, winning our contest has officially made harley a famous chihuahua!

harley is now officially a famous chihuahua!

in celebration of his new stardom, harley has won a customized gift box filled with new chihuahua clothes and accessories from the famous chihuahua store, a 50 dollar coupon from and he will also receive a fabulous famous chihuahua® dog t-shirt (as pablo models for us below) that he can wear with pride!

pablo models our famous chihuahua dog shirt!

congratulations also goes to our top two runner ups, coco and chutney! they have each won a coupon to use at the famous chihuahua store!

coco the chihuahua, our first runner up!

meet coco the chihuahua, our first runner up!  … what a little cutie “santa” pie!

chutney, our second runner up!

meet chutney … this little bundle of joy only weighs 900 grams and is our second runner up!

please take a moment to review the pictures of all the wonderful chihuahuas who made our top twenty contenders! famous chihuahua proudly gives them all a round of applause and encourages them to try again for our annual easter picture contest!

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clearance sale on chihuahua clothes!

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