adrianbrody chihuahua

adrien brody and his chihuahua ceelo viscious… which one is cuter?

adrien brody and his chihuahua ceelo, which one is cuter?

actor adrien brody has made it into the good books of famous chihuahua! famed animal photographer christopher ameruoso took this priceless picture of adrien and his chihuahua ceelo, which has left us all wondering… which one is cuter? what do you think?

adrien is also a supporter of noah’s wish, a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding the relief of animal disaster victims. ladies, is this your dream guy or what?

wheres ceelo? can you spot the chihuahua in these pictures?

apparently adrien takes his chihuahua with him everywhere so let’s have some fun with this. let’s play “where’s ceelio?” is it a dog? is it a fashion accessory? ceelo, adrien brody’s chihuahua, goes everywhere—and with everything. can you spot the chihuahua in these pictures?

get the answers!

  1. in the camouflage carrier.
  2. peeking out of the bag.
  3. no, brody doesn’t have two heads—that’s ceelo!

famous chihuahua thinks ceelo needs a “my daddy loves me dog shirt!”

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  • Una persona que ama así a sus mascotas no puede ser mala. A todas sus otras cualidades se agrega esta. Me llega particularmente ya que tengo dos, y perdí una. Son especiales!

  • Adrien Brody has gained a new respect from me. It is so nice to see celebrities being “Real People” . Ceelo looks a lot like my little “Cornbread”. I recently had to put to rest my two oldest Chihuahuas. One was 17.5 yrs. the other was two months from 14 yrs. We still have two more (their babies) which are going to be 13 in July. my heart still aches from my loss. they were so loyal and loving – they are irreplaceable…

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