tinks minx paris

miss minx and her famous chihuahuas

minx and her famous chihuahuas, tinkerbell and paris hilton

famous chihuahua is happy to introduce our readers to minx and her celebrity chihuahuas. minx is the author of the fabulous blog, minx in the city and describes herself as a 30-something single female, who is living life to it’s fullest in a 5-star los angeles neighborhood as the west coast version of carrie bradshaw from the hit tv series sex in the city.

the only thing that differs from her life and carrie bradshaw’s is the fact that her bff’s (best friends forever) are her 2 adopted chihuahuas, tinkerbell and paris.

tinkerbell aka ‘tinks’ elite model and chihuahua diva
introducing tinkerbell hilton aka ‘tinks’, elite model and princess
introducing paris hilton, high maintenance chihuahua socialite
introducing paris hilton, chihuahua socialite and paparazzi diva

… famous chihuahua presents the stories of tinkerbell and paris hilton


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