papi the famous chihuahua

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papi the star of beverly hills chihuahua

"my name is papi. i am descended from an ancient line of proud warriors. my ancestors went into battle alongside aztec soldiers. today, we move within the inner circles of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet. who am i? what am i? i'm a chihuahua!"

just who is papi the famous chihuahua and how did this fabulous canine warrior come to steal the spotlight?

the star of disney’s beverly hills chihuahua didn’t always live the glamorous life. this part chihuahua, part mutt, whose off-screen name is rusco, was actually rescued from ‘doggy death row’ in a los angeles animal shelter only months before landing the role of papi in the disney film.

after countless unsuccessful auditions with canine breeders and veteran movie pet stars, hollywood animal trainer mike alexander discovered rusco’s picture on the internet while searching animal directories online.

rusco was scheduled to be put down after he was found wandering the streets of moreno valley and no one came to claim him, but alexander saw him and decided he was perfect for the role of papi in the film.

papi the star of beverly hills chihuahua

"we're mexi-can, not mexi-can't!" photo credit: daniel daza disney enterprises

alexander then raced to save little rusco from a lethal injection. he rushed down to the shelter, but it was so far away and he had traffic to deal with. when he got there, they were just closing the doors.

alexander returned the next day and was thrilled to discover rusco was still alive. after spending a little time with him, he knew that rusco was the perfect papi. it was rusco’s big ears, great expression and bouncy personality that made him stand out.

with no previous experience, rusco was given six months of training for his role as papi, the street-wise chihuahua of a gardener who falls head over heels for a pampered, diamond-clad beverly hills chihuahua named chloe.

the film has a cast of more than 200 dogs, including dobermans, poodles, german shepherds, pugs, a labrador and a dachshund, but papi is the real star.

papi the chihuahua

papi the chihuahua. 50% warrior. 50% lover. 100% chihuahua.

“he’s a little bigger than most chihuahuas. when he runs, he hops. i don’t think i’ve seen a chihuahua hop like a bunny before. he’s a romantic dog, but he’s got a little bit of street in him,” says actor george lopez, who is the voice of Papi and who also has three chihuahuas of his own.

we are happy to report that rusco now has a permanent home with alexander at his ranch outside los angeles. the message is simple, if you love chihuahuas, adopt one.

sources: – chihuahua’s rags-to-riches road to hollywood

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Comments 37

  1. Eva L Rangel

    I love you papi an all chihuahuas I have a Chloe an pepin an peanut an cinnamon there my babies

  2. jonathan

    He looks just my chiuaua chewkey aka maximo and I always say to him the same thing thats true like in all 3 of the Beverley hills chiuaua that I watch everyday were mexi can not mexi cant dude.

  3. Julie

    Just wondering do any of you know why papi hops like that because my chihuahua abby dose the same.

  4. wispyimp

    I have three little girls….small, medium and medium large. I Just love them to pieces. They are COCOA, PEANUT, AND TOOTSIE. i CALL THE COCOA PUFF, PEANUT BUTTER AND tOOTSIE pOP

  5. annie

    I just got a little rescued chihuahua that I named Papi because of this wonderful little dog.

  6. paityn

    i own a male chihuahua, his name is rico. i would like to know if rusco starred in both beverly hills chihuahua movies? does anyone know?

  7. giensie

    Papi, I have a beautiful chihuahua girl called Muchacha. She is in love with you, and so am I.
    Chihuahuas rule!

  8. preety

    hello papi . im preety from malaysia. i have seen your movie beverlyhills chihuahua on disney channel.tell chole i sade hello bye……………………….. love you$

  9. cindy

    I LUVE PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Juana Luy

    I too own a male chihuahua dog, his name is, “Chacho Hollywood”. He is a rescued dog who is now a Service Animal (Dog), Animal Actor / Model and Canine Roaming Reporter. He has come along way from his prior abusive life. He is now LOVED, PROTECTED and PAMPERED. People often confuse him for Papi. Together, we enjoy watching the Beverly Hills Chihuahua Movie . Chacho Hollywood’s profile and pictures can be viewed at the following URL:

    Chacho Hollywood welcomes new friends 🙂

  11. jessie-Eileen

    I think Papi is the cutest chihuahua in the world i would love to have him as my dog.

  12. mona

    i luuuv papi he better be glad he got to papi b4 i did lol:) i have 1 chihuahua and shes the best!

  13. chihuahualuver4eva

    i luvvv papi!!!!!!
    Beverly hills chihuahua ruled! i saw it @ odeon && it was the best film evva Xx

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