cast your vote for the world’s most famous chihuahua!

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which celebrity chihuahua is deserving of the title of world's most famous chihuahua? cast your vote!

please check back often to see what super star chihuahua tops this poll!

will it be tinkerbell? gidget? papi? bruiser? or pablo? it’s up to you. let the voting for the world’s top chihuahua begin!

famous chihuahua wants to know why you chose the chihuahua you did! be sure to comment and let us know! the chihuahua that tops the poll in the weeks to come will be featured in a ‘world’s most famous chihuahua’ badge and a write up that highlights why the world thinks it is deserving of the title.

this poll was put together in good fun and to bring attention to the fact that the chihuahua breed has made a huge impact in the world of entertainment.

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Comments 30

  1. myristica

    pablo loves dogs bigger than he is. he is absolutely an adorable chi. and should be the most popular. someone said it above. he’s got personality plus+ 🙂

  2. Cathy

    I know it is Pablo! He (and his best girl Ramsey) have their own internet following, you tube videos by the bunches, been seen on animal planet dogs 101 and everyone loves him…me included!

  3. ownedbychihuahua

    any dog but paris hiltons I miss Gidget, Bruiser and Papi were great for their roles in their repected movies but Pablo was on the World Cutest Dog show a vote for pablo is a vote for all chihuahuas

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