fun and adorable chihuahua names! find the perfect name for your chihuahua!

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blue chihuahua

silverton the famous blue chihuahua has a cute name that suits him well!

silver just like his beautiful fur coat!

are you looking for the perfect chihuahua name that suits your new chihuahua puppy’s personality or is characteristic of what they look like? well look no further, find the perfect name for your apple head or deerhead chihuahua puppy right here at famous chihuahua.

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Comments 7

  1. kimberly

    Aww cute i have a dear head leg chihuahua puppy named poppy I just got him and he was abused so I’m trying to think of a different name I’m thinking chewy because he likes to chew on hands and fingers

  2. Pat Pitaluga

    I have a 5 month old chihuahua named diego. He is the cutest dog in the world he is a deer head chihuahua, white with a brown patch on his eye and he worships the ground that I walk on!!follows me everywhere igo and never leaves my side

  3. Erin Albright

    My deerhead is named Tazer. He was 7 weeks old when he came to me and when he saw the cat he growled like he was being shocked!!! It was so darned cute…and he was soooooooo tiny. he needed a tough sounding name…lol

  4. Emi45632vfgvh

    aww it so cute my chihuahua is a deer head too hes just very cute like her and darker

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