tiny teacup chihuahua

dictionary definition of teacup chihuahua: chihuahua breed history


Chi. hua. hua \ch*-‘wa:-(.)WA\ n [ MexSp, fr. Chihuahua, Mexico]: a very small, round-headed, large-eared, short-coated dog held believed to actually come from Egypt and Aztec civilizations (truth be known, teacup only refers to an individual dog, not a breed).

The Chihuahua is an ancient breed which is believed to have its origins in the late Paleozoic period. The Chihuahua’s earliest known ancestor, cannis raptor rodentis (meaning: killer half dog, half mouse) scoured the almost uninhabitable deserts of what is now Mexico and the south-western United States pillaging without restraint.

Millions of years of evolution allowed this canine species to thrive on the arid plain while other dog species, such as the cannis wimpus or frenchus dorkus (desert poodle) struggled for survival, eventually becoming extinct until modern times.

The early Chihuahua’s survival was once associated with the over sized, specially adapted bat ears, which act as water gathering surfaces. These fins collect moisture from the air allowing this remarkable animal to absorb the condensate through the skin They will go weeks without actually drinking water, yet urinate on any immobile object almost endlessly.


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  • I do not have a teacup Chihuahua however we rescued our Daisy who weighs 4 1/2 lbs and is long haired. We took her immediately to our vet and she is in excellent condition. However whoever had her before had her teeth removed but two in the back and when we got her she was between 1-2 years old. She is very good with people including children however she does not like you hitting anyone whether she knows that person or not nor does she like you to kiss people. She is very lovable and we have had her now for 4 years. Love of our lives along with our 12 year Shih-tzu Winston.

  • Hi I’m a pensioner with disabilities, I said I would never have another dog but all 4 of my grandchildren are terrified of dogs, so we decided to get a little dog to help them overcome their fears, we had a little chihuahua so that we wouldn’t have to walk her, Just wanted to set the record straight she is 20 weeks old now and is absolutely fantastic with my grandchildren they roll the floor playing together and she is very clever and obedient

  • Ps I don’t mind you using my pic but it would have been nice to be asked lol xx

  • hi i have A teacup chihuahua and looks the same as yours. ur tips about chihuahuas are very helpful thanks.

  • hi tom this is kristie i also live in chronic pain i have6 different diseases ,my husband bought me a teacup chihuahua to stay at home with me after my maltese Bama passed away,her name is Bella she weighs 2lbs shes was born on christmas and she is an apple head blue eyes fawn with a whith chest and white led and paws she is house trained loves people very well mannered i paid200 for her she has her papers up to date on shots ,Bella does not shake plays well with other shes fit in the palm of your hand she should weigh around 4lbs maybe less sleeps in the bed loves to cuddle around neck very playful ,i would not let her go but my son is breaking out because of her ,she is short haired one of the best animals i have ever had so i want her to go to a great home ,we have had her since she aws 6 weeks so so has been very well taken care of


  • susie keizer oregon
    January 11, 2011 7:11 am

    i got me a chihuahua 2 yrs ago best choice i ever made i cant have children so yes she is my baby, she ‘s mixed with jack russell but takes more of the chi , your pic took me back to when i first got sade ,she now weighs a whopping 5lbs ilove her to death .

  • Pam Schwartz
    June 23, 2010 6:11 pm

    Chihuahuas are the best friends in the world! I have three – Templeton, Winston and Apple, each as different as can be. People should be aware that they take some special care and are not good around small children as they can be so easily injured.

  • my wife is home alone alot and could use the company of this beautiful dog. do u know where I can get one just like this. this would help her to forget her condition of cronic pain.

  • awwwww ur dog is so adorable ive been dying to have a teacup chihuahua!!i luv ur dog!!!

  • Ohhh soo sweet.

  • famous chihuahua editor
    September 20, 2008 2:32 am

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  • your dog is the cutest thing, i love it, my dog is large for a chihuhua but his papers indicate that he is a pure chihuhua, he weighs 11 lbs. He is great, I adopted him in Florida where I lived. His personality could not suit me better.

  • i love your dog it is so cute i been drying to have one.love love your dog.

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