teacup chihuahua puppy

teacup chihuahua puppies for sale: chihuahua breeder term explained

teacup chihuahua puppy

what exactly does the chihuahua breeder term “teacup chihuahua puppies for sale” mean and is this a legitimate term for characterizing a specific type of chihuahua puppy?

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  • I have a question why are you putting your puppies for sale on an ap that is for FREE PUPPIES can someone answer that question for me thanks

  • Teacup apple head short hair multi color 3lbs full maturity

  • Juanita Hughett
    January 6, 2016 12:51 pm

    Registered CKC longhair chihuahuas. They were born November 20, 2015. $300 for boys (3) and $350 for girl (1). They all are different shades between mom and dad. They will have papers, shots when they are ready to be able to go. If interested, you can make a deposit. Both Parents are teacups and in the first pics and they are not for sale. Cross posted. Message me. I am in Belton SC 864-401-3434

  • Dee Dee .. How do you think this type of dog will do with 3 other Dogs? I have 2 20 lbs dogs and one 10 lbs.. We have looked at 2 apple head ones .. A little pricey .. They want 2 grand for one little boy .. Do these dogs nip or bite or bark a lot? Shake ? Thanks

  • I have purchased a little chihuahua papillon who is 6 months old and named Samson.The vet has told us to only give him the biscuits for a healthy diet. Samson is not too happy about it. Is it alright to let him graze, and what other foods can i give him. he does eat the biscuits, but rather inconsistently. I am trying to feed him about 3 times a day because he is so young.

  • My little chihuahua only weighs 2 lbs. She eats all day long! i’m going to try the cottage cheese. She is a very picky little girl, I hope she likes it.

  • I have something to say. when I got my supposed teacup Chihuahua she was three months old. suppose to be an applehead and long hair. needless to say that is not what I got. we love her anyway. but I hate to pay for something and not get it. What I really wanted to say is this: if you are having trouble getting your puppy to eat and to keep it healthy. feed it cottage cheese along with it’s other food. for some reason they love the cottage cheese. we mix it with both wet and dry food. She get wet food in the morning and then we sit out dry food for the rest of the day. these dogs like to graze. So it helps to have some food out at all times. wet food drys up. so it is best to put small amounts of dry out. also make sure the dry food is small in size. it is hard for their little mouths to take in and chew large size food. make sure you give them the small (very small) milk bone dog bones. But for chewing give them big bones. They don’t break off easy. So they they can’t get choked on them.
    All of these answers came from a little old lady that had be raising Chihuahua for over 50 years. She doesn’t belive in all the new suff that we are being told. said she has never lost any of her puppies to maulnutrustion (sp) or any dieases. I have a very happy and healthy chihuahua. her name is muffin and that is just what she looks like. both of my daughters have chihuahua one has a long hair teacup applehead the weights in at 31/2 pounds. the other daughter has a blue applehead teacup weight in at 3 pounds and a deerhead teacup that weights in a 4 pounds. her deerhead was a rescue and all the dogs mine too are great and loving dogs. if you treat them with love and respect they will do the same to you. Dee Dee Shaver

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