What is a blue chihuahua? How do blue chihuahuas differ from other chihuahuas?

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what exactly is a blue chihuahua and what makes a blue chihuahua puppy different from other chihuahua puppies?  all chihuahuas are special and unique in their own way, but blue chihuahuas are best described as a chihuahua puppy that is bred to have a dull silver-grey-coat with a tinge of blue.

a blue chihuahua is rare and can be an apple head chihuahua or a deerhead chihuahua and is produced from mating a black and tan chihuahua, a chocolate, or even a fawn parent, but the parents must carry the recessive blue gene in their line of heritage.  the blue in a blue chihuahua can also be part of a merle patterned – tri-colored or multicolored coat.

blue teacup chihuahua

the chihuahua club of america warns that coat color in chihuahuas is often linked to genes with undesirable traits or birth defects.  the merle pattern and blue coat color can often come with common health problems.  this is another reason that blue chihuahuas are rare.

blue chihuahua

like teacup chihuahuas, much controversy exists around the subject of breeding blue chihuahuas by blue chihuahua breeders as hidden defects on the gene that is linked to the blue color can result in serious coat problems and other health issues.  for these reasons, it is advised to never breed a blue chihuahua with another blue chihuahua.

because blue chihuahuas are rare, there’s a slim chance that you’ll find one in a shelter.  in some countries, they are highly prized and can set buyers back up to $10,000 depending on how popular they are.  chihuahuas are currently the ‘hot’ dog breed in japan, a country where their fast-growing pet industry is estimated at more than $10 billion a year.

blue chihuahua in goggles

paying high prices for a chihuahua with a particular trait as such is purely the decision of the buyer, however famous chihuahua would like to remind potential chihuahua buyers that rescued chihuahuas like papi the star of beverly hills chihuahua and loki, actor mickey rourke’s dearly departed chihuahua, are prime examples of big surprises than can come in a small package.

blue chihuahua puppy

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below is a sample page from the section on blue chihuahuas!blue chihuahua

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Comments 226

  1. Danielle Donovan

    PLEASE!! If your dog is scratching much of the time, DO NOT WAIT! This is miserable for them and opens them up to a variety of skin infections. One commenter stated that her vet didn’t know what was wrong…in that case, find another vet, preferably one with some expertise in canine allergies. A dog scratching sufficiently to cause bald spots is frequently suffering from allergies, some to fleas, some to food ingredients, and others to mysterious unknown irritants never to be identified – these are usually MY dogs. I finally decided that my chi was suffering from an allergy to air 🙂 Another turned out to be allergic to something used on the golf course grass connected to our house, but only after I had spent $2K trying to isolate the allergen. Most cases are not this mysterious, thankfully! The itching can and should be controlled with medication. Please don’t just wait for your dog to “grow out of it”…none of mine ever have in the last 40 years.

  2. Angela

    I have a sweet little blue girl I got from our local shelter, I had never even heard of blue as a chi color until I got her. It’s cute because she looks like she can be sisters with our blue dappled doxie, but you can obviously tell they are different breeds. We love Izzy she has been such a wonderful blessing in our home.

  3. Yvonne Garcia

    I own a blue fawn chihuahua name Tynkerbelle which I truly adore. She is a true blessing for me. She has never had any of the allergy issues nor skin problems and will be 12 yrs old next week. I love her so much. She is very sweet with children and loves to be petted.

  4. Sue a. Entenmann

    I am looking for a tan or a blue Chihuahua puppy. I lost mine to a heart problem he was 14 years old and he was very devoted to me with being handicap. As for the gender it does not mater. And I prefer a tea cup . I also want it for a support dog so it can go with me everywhere.. I am trying to get one but I am limited as far as money goes but I am saving every little bit that I can to get one. But I live off my disablity money . But I am lost with out one and my little gizmo was my life and my home does not feel like a home since the lost of him. It would be the only dog. Thank you for reading and hear are ways to get in touch with me . Sue Ann Entenmann po box 135/709 mockingbird ln. Cuddebackville NY. 12729
    H phone 845-754-8147 Cell phone 845-707-9054. If you can not get me on one no. You can reach me on the other one.

  5. Maragaret

    I own a blue applehead male full bloodline chihuahua name Loki, but we call him “Blu” he is the most patient adorable sweet natured that any chihuahua could be. his ears stand very straight and tall, you can really see the Blue tint in his hair color. he is now 4 years of age and was given to me by a dear friend. he sleeps in our bed at night and watches over us, the littlest noise, he is on alert! couldn’t ask for a more protective family pet.

  6. RoxanA

    Hi..my Chihuahua just had puppys and two of them are grey ….I just learned they are called blue chi and they are rare..does any one know if there color stays or are they going to change color as they grow?

  7. Julie Jordan

    I got the unique opportunity to hold a long haired blue Chihuahua, named Mia, today, in Winston, Oregon,
    What a beautiful creature..

  8. AJ Kaiser

    This message is for Brenda. .. my blue chi baby, Tula’s ears were flapped over as well. She is 3 months old and a week ago I came home to her ears standing stright up! This lasted 2 days and now they lean a little to the side, but are not completely folded over. The vet said they may or may not stand tall… either way, shes a precious pearl to me:) so maybe it just takes time… hope this helped.

  9. Betty Williams

    I have a male Blue Chi…he has ever had skin problems or anything else wrong with him..he is everything and he is also 19 years young..I know it won’t be long.but that something we have to except…💙💔

  10. Chi Hoarder

    I own a blue male long hair chi. He has never had a issue, however I have him on a five star food, Acana small breed. It has his veggies as well as protein. Advantage or Revolution keeps fleas, ticks and any crawlers away. One vial can do 3 or 4 more chihuahuas at 6 lbs. Burts Bees has a great shampoo but honestly I use a puppy or moisturizing shampoo of any brand. I wash him as he needs it. I find diet, hydration and flea control plus obviously stress. Stress is a huge factor on the sensitive chi. These blues carry the merle positive gene. You need DNA testing to see if your pet has the gene. My guy has no blue merle in lines or his DNA.

  11. Kim shore

    Hi we just got our little buddy moe today a all blue chi boy he is 9weeks old he was a Christmas present from my loving husband Steve I hope that he doesn’t have so of the issues with his coat as some of the stories that I just was reading I hope all the little doggys that have the issues get better we look forward to spend our time with moe and have him join our family because he has already joined our hearts

  12. Lisa

    Has anyone tried Dinovite? It’s for itching and skin problems but not sure if it could help this.

  13. chauqg

    I have a wonderful Blue Chihuahua. He has a deer head with 4 white paws, a white blade on his face and chest with little bits of white/light gray at various places on his face and body which make him look older than he really is. He is 2 YO and has no obvious problems. Geno is distinguished looking, like a gentleman in a gray suit with a white shirt. He is a great pet and member of our family. Our last chihuahuas were well over 15 & 20 when they died
    Chi’s are great animals when taught manners and are well trained. I dont think I have heard him bark for the last 3 months. He is quite and not/never jumpy unless my wife comes home from work. He jumps on everything, runs around and is so excited he squeaks. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. GREAT PET AND Very handsome too!


    I have blue chi’s and others w the blue gene. Pups are always born a beautiful blue but change colors as the grow. They will always have the blue gene and pass it on to any future pups.. Some have a little spot where hair is thin others don’t. This blue gene started yrs ago w dobermans & lots of them had skin problems …. alopecia. Ppl were putting them in shelters not liking their coats.
    Putting coconut oil helps if they are itchy but there’s really nothing you can do Hair may or may not grow back..I only bathe my chis once a month w a shampoo/conditioner in one. .You don’t want their coats to dry out ..Washing them to often can dry it out and cause more itching .I use Buddy Wash that I get from chewy.com. Makes their coats so soft , and it’s natural. I don’t use any chemicals on my dogs , no human shampoo and no dish liquid..All those will strip the coats of the natural oils that their coats need..

  15. Ashauna Millard

    I have a Blue Chi who I love so much. I was never a dog lover until I got Dakota my Chi. He’s going on 2 years old I’ve had him since he was about 4-6weeks old. I’m starting to notice a lot of the symptoms that I’m a reading about from everyone remarks. He’s lost hair on top of his head and on his back. I didn’t know what was going on I took him to the vet recently to get his shots and brought up the issue with his skin they didn’t know what was going on and was told they would need to look into a little more. My cousin has the sister to my baby and her Chi skin was doing the samething she told me to buy coconut oil and put on him and his coat will come back. She said it worked for her Chi. I’m not sure if it works but I will put a little on and try. My Chi does scratch all the time and I do believe he’s allergic to fleas but mostly it’s coming from the bald parts on his skin. He’s the most sweetest little puppy you would ever want to meet and I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for him. I hope and pray his coat grows back.

  16. Trudi

    I have found this site while researching Blue genes as a puppy im interested in has this from both parents but is black tan and white himself. I vowed no pet could replace my westie Bonnie,9 tears later here I am looking. Treated myself to a BMW Z4 sportscar ,great , other car is Landrover Discovery, BUT I take dog ownership very seriously and need a pet I can take Everywhere with me, Even paranoid about anyone stealing my dog from car… SO need a little Chi, to love forever… I know seeing your pet scratching all the time is horrible.I had a westie and they have these issues too sometimes. I started to watch the protein level in her food ,( her feet used to swell up and be all red and inflamed too ) and especially treats, 35% in most of them ,I stopped them. the food never had more than about 7%. She never scratched after that. I hope this helps someone.

  17. Dawn R

    I have a Chi that I thought was a blue Chi. I found out that he is a lavender colored long haired boy. He is such a sweet boy. I also have a smooth coat tri. She is the mom. The lavender boy is the dad. They produced 2 long coat boys. One was a blue tri. The other was a red sable.

  18. Genie

    I have a 4 month old blue and tan chi and she scratches all the time. The vet checked her and could find nothing wrong, yet. I’m so glad I read these stories because I can now have my vet watch for some of these problems. Great info.

  19. Michele

    Our half Chihuahua has had a Blue Chihuahua male puppy. Wondering if the mix will help him avoid the skin allergies?

  20. Nesta Partin

    Our sweet blue Chihuahua was given to us 5 years ago. She is more than special to us. She has filled our heart’s with the same love a child would. “Baby” makes each day a joy, just because she is so eager to love us. She is a heavenly gift.

  21. Jamie

    I have a blue chi. He looks black, but in strong light/sunlight you can see he is quite blue!
    He has alopecia (going bald) and is absolutely adorable and the love of my life!
    I knew nothing about chihuahuas when I got him. He came from a backyard breeder (I found this out later), when I took him to my vet the first time she said he was malnourished. You could tell because the tops of his ears folded backward.
    He’s now a whopping 5 pounds and has bat ears lol!
    Thank you for the info!

  22. Mary pena

    This is Chiko! I got him in 2001. I too knew little or nothing about blue Chi’s but when I saw him I knew I had to have him! He was a “double coat” and was a complete fur ball as a baby. Two years later all his skins problems began and at that point I did extensive research and learned there was not much I could do! I loved him anyway but he is absolutely allergic to fleas! He will scratch till he bleeds with even one flea! For 15 years we have battled his skin problems whic are sometimes horrific and heartbreaking because they take forever to clear up and it is very costly. He’s worth every cent and despite his skin allergies and a few other issues he’s been a delight! I’ve owned several chi’s but only one blue. This is Chiko as a grown older gent! Please overlook the coat and remember he had to have been the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever seen to this day. He just grew up and has had skin issues for years and despite the problems take a look … My boy is still handsome and so distinguished looking! Love him to pieces! I present Chiko Pena!

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