What is a blue chihuahua? How do blue chihuahuas differ from other chihuahuas?

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what exactly is a blue chihuahua and what makes a blue chihuahua puppy different from other chihuahua puppies?  all chihuahuas are special and unique in their own way, but blue chihuahuas are best described as a chihuahua puppy that is bred to have a dull silver-grey-coat with a tinge of blue.

a blue chihuahua is rare and can be an apple head chihuahua or a deerhead chihuahua and is produced from mating a black and tan chihuahua, a chocolate, or even a fawn parent, but the parents must carry the recessive blue gene in their line of heritage.  the blue in a blue chihuahua can also be part of a merle patterned – tri-colored or multicolored coat.

blue teacup chihuahua

the chihuahua club of america warns that coat color in chihuahuas is often linked to genes with undesirable traits or birth defects.  the merle pattern and blue coat color can often come with common health problems.  this is another reason that blue chihuahuas are rare.

blue chihuahua

like teacup chihuahuas, much controversy exists around the subject of breeding blue chihuahuas by blue chihuahua breeders as hidden defects on the gene that is linked to the blue color can result in serious coat problems and other health issues.  for these reasons, it is advised to never breed a blue chihuahua with another blue chihuahua.

because blue chihuahuas are rare, there’s a slim chance that you’ll find one in a shelter.  in some countries, they are highly prized and can set buyers back up to $10,000 depending on how popular they are.  chihuahuas are currently the ‘hot’ dog breed in japan, a country where their fast-growing pet industry is estimated at more than $10 billion a year.

blue chihuahua in goggles

paying high prices for a chihuahua with a particular trait as such is purely the decision of the buyer, however famous chihuahua would like to remind potential chihuahua buyers that rescued chihuahuas like papi the star of beverly hills chihuahua and loki, actor mickey rourke’s dearly departed chihuahua, are prime examples of big surprises than can come in a small package.

blue chihuahua puppy

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Comments 226

  1. Jasper

    Me and my girlfriend went over to a breeder to pick a chi. When we arrived, we were met by a proper blue colored, with dark spots, chihuahua. Not a tinge of blue, but actual blue. He were not posted on the ad, but he were in fact for sale, so i reckon it was to not have someone buy it, just to resell it. We picked one of the others, because he chose us right away. The blue one (called ‘bluey’ by the breeder) were too distracted playing with one of its brothers. I’ll never forget that marvelous color.

  2. kathy karrow

    want to adopt a loving sit on your lap passive dog – small- had dogs all my life – live in orange county (anaheim)

  3. Julie Cruz

    I have a 4 yr old apple head blue bearded chihuahua per my vet. I would like to stud him once before he is neutered. All I want is a pup of my choice. Please advise anyone

  4. Jade

    Stop breeding!!!! Chihuahuas are either number one or two of the dogs in shelters. I rescued one of the best chihuahuas ever and he was with me 12 wonderful years!!!!

  5. Joan Stidham

    I have 2 blue chihuahuas, male 4.6 lbs, female 5.9 lbs. Just gave birth (1-6-21) to female that is White with black spots, brown eyebrows with brown hues around some of the black spots. Already sent for registeration papers. What is the going price that I should be asking?

  6. larissa S

    We specialize on breeding of beautiful blue and lilac color chihuahuas . Google for Las Vegas tiny chihuahua or visit our website Lasvegastinychihuahua.com
    we have 4 our dogs listed as famous chihuahua here.

  7. Angelique vandenberg

    Hello we have just had a litter of 5 chocolate tan lilac and Black and Tan they are 2 weeks old now

  8. Ksy

    I am looking for a tiny tea cup or pocket puppy or micro
    I would prefer a girl but will consider a male color not to picky
    Could you send me some pictures and prices. Shipping cost ect

  9. Tina Davis 🐕

    I love’s all animals I love’s small Chihuahuas & I love’s Teacup Chihuahuas too. I wish I I can get one of Teacup Chihuahua my Dad Wants to get me one of Teacup Chihuahua he do not have much money to get me one of Teacup Chihuahua. Love Tina Davis 🐕

  10. Kelly

    I just had a blue male chihuahua born on 7-17-20. I am curious on the demand and the price for these.

  11. Maria Santos

    For those interested I have a blue female chihuahua and a chocolate male apple head. Both have the blue gene. Hoping to get some lavender puppies. I Will
    Be breeding them soon. Call 239-821-1593. Miami-Dade. I can keep you posted.

  12. roxie Lunsford

    I have a 4year old blue chihuahua need a female to breed with. He is half deer head and apple head.email
    lifesux2222 @yahoo.com

  13. Laura

    I will like to buy a blue chihuahua with short hair and deer head do you know anyone sell blue chihuahua

  14. Doris_Mae

    I rescued a completely blue chihuahua. She is 10 now (I got her a year ago) and had a lot of health issues I had to address. She was also neglected for a long time though.

  15. Tabitha

    I have a blue teacup chihuahua and she’s had a litter with 3 being blue and one is a beautiful golden color. I am unable to keep them and need to find them a good home so there will be a rehoming fee to homes I feel are suitable for these angels . Please contact me via email at [email protected] for photos or questions.

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