famous chihuahua sleeps

does your chihuahua have a health problem?


pssst… we just wanted to let you know that our chihuahua health problems page is now available to our readers … we hope the information in it is helpful to chihuahua owners who have a chihuahua that is experiencing discomfort which could be health related…. now please shush as mommy sings a sweet lullabye to teaka the famous chihuahua as she sleeps so peacefully…… zzzzz….


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  • Mine is 11 years old and he grunts alot, even more so when I pick him up. Not sure what could be causeing that?

  • i have a 3 year old, 7lb. chi. he has been eating well, but not drinking well. he had been keeping his head up as if to keep his throat open, he could not bend down to eat. then his back legs got weak, they are jello like and wobbly. he is now able to bend his throat fine, but his legs are a great concern. he sometimes also cry’s wen he gets picked up. can anyone help me?

  • Dont give her milk!! thats probably why shes vomiting but I would definitely take her to the vet. You should give puppies pellets and try to make them soft by soaking them in hot water. Hope this helps

  • I just got a chihuahua came from an all day trip and now is not eating, vomiting what milk i feed her and is very weak. please help she is not eating only had her for about 12 hours and don’t know what i can do.

  • my 4 month chihuahua that i just got from the pound was to adorable to say no to. But i have noticed a lot of sneezing and werid noises almost like breathing or snorting sounds..she acts fine and eats and plays normal but unsure. the pound said she was healthy but I’m just not sure..

  • I’m looking for information on a holistic diet for my dogs 2 chihauhua’s and a lab. Izzy (chihuahua) has chronic digestive problems and we’ve been to the vet numerous times. Trying different medications/test. She has bacteria in her intestinal tract and the way they’re talking she will always have problems. She is currently on an antibiotic and some chinese herbs to try and keep her from having a bout. She can’t seem to go a week without bloody mucus diahrea and vomitting. She also won’t eat when she has a bout and she’s underweight. Any suggestions. She is currently on boiled chicken an prescription EN (Dry) dog food. The vet wanted me to take her off chicken but it’s the only thing I can entice her to eat when she isn’t feeling well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Allergies. Our Pixie has allergies. The one single flea that gets by my arsenal, the new fabric softener, my daughter’s perfume; you name it she’s allergic to it. Reacts just like a human, itchy, watery eyes, sniffles. The vet and I both were happy to see a small daily dose of children’s Benadryl solves the issue nicely. So far so good. She’s a joy though, I’d not trade the wee one for anything. So much personality in such a tiny package! It’s not cliche it’s the truth.

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