dry eyes in your chihuahua: kerato-conjunctivitis sicca

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chihuahuas tend to have eyes that are more prominent or protruding than other dog breeds so it’s not uncommon for them to develop the eye problem known as dry eyes.  dry eyes usually develops in middle-aged or older chihuahuas and can occur in just one eye or both eyes.

dry eyes is medically termed kerato-conjunctivitis sicca (kcs), which means inflammation of the cornea and surrounding tissues from drying… why does this occur?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

what are the symptoms and signs of dry eye?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

what factors cause dry eye in chihuahuas?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

how can you treat dry eye?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

how do you know if your chihuahua will need corrective surgery?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

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dry eye in chihuahuas


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reference: nativeremedies.com/petalive/ailment/cats-dogs-dry-eyes-remedies.html

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Comments 8

  1. Jean

    I have a 2 lb male chihuahua and he is 11 yrs old . Every once in awhile he rubs his eyes on my pants or if we are outside ,he will rub his eyes on the grass. Also he doesn’t act like what I have read about chihuahua personalitys. Ever since he was a puppy he was crabby . He loves to be held but he doesn’t like to be pet. He doesn’t give kisses and he never has . Frankly I am a little confused.

  2. Lynn

    Hi I got an Chihuahua cross with Jack Russell she loves playing with her ball but she head butted the ball and now got dry eye and blood

  3. Mary Perkins

    most informative – my moodle has had dry eye since she was 4 months old.(21 months now) . She has Optimune in both eyes twice a week plus 2-3 times a day she has Lacrilube.

  4. Post
    famous chihuahua editor

    try a preservative free eye gel lubricant too, they seem to last longer and make sure you apply it right before bed or naps always. ask a pharmacist, they should be able to give you direction with the best one to try.

  5. Dawn

    My chihuahua’s dry eyes . Yes I have been to my vet and he sent me to an eye dog specalist.
    He give my dog the drops . She seem to need them every 2 hours.The drops are the ones in this web sight. Nothing seems to work . it’s only in one eye. Can someone help. Thank you.

  6. olivia

    Thank you this was very good info. My baby has dry eye. Does anyone have any ideas on how to apply eye drops. My little one hate the drops and is very hard to give them to her.
    Thanks again.

  7. doglover

    Hi, that was very informative and helpful.. Please check this out and see if you could extend some help apps.facebook.com/save-a-dog/ Thanks.

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