in loving memory of sweet baby jane, the tiny chihuahua with a big heart

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tiny teacup chihuahua

sweet baby jane, november 4, 2013 – january 2, 2014

famous chihuahua would like to express their sincere condolences to kassiann foradory for the loss of her sweet baby jane.  it is with deep regret that we have to say goodbye to this little darling, who was also the 1st place runner up in our 2013 christmas picture contest.

chihuahua urn

to remember jane, kassiann has a wooden urn for her ashes and a lovely stone imprint of her paws.  baby jane was only a few months old, but she touched the hearts of many.

chihuahua pawprints

“until we meet again at the rainbow bridge, we will always cherish the time we had with you.”

follow jane’s facebook page at  jane, a tiny chihuahua with a big heart.

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Comments 44

  1. Joe

    So sorry to hear about this loss. We lost our chihuahua, too. I’m sure she’ll always be in your heart!

  2. yari

    im so sorry for your lost hope your doing ok with it i have 6 dogs and im praying that doesnt happend to me i love them so much i hope you be ok im so sorry i read your story and i cry hope you fell better god bless you always

  3. Deborah C

    It was so sad to hear about Sweet Baby Jane. She is one of Gods littlest angels and will be greatly missed by all who knew her story.she is waiting at the rainbow bridge for you. RIP SWEET BABY JANE.

  4. Don and JoAnn Cox

    So sad…we have a 13 yr. old and an 8 wk. old, and we worry each day that we may lose “Raider”, but He and Jo-Jo, though many years apart could be twins, and the puppy immitates everything his big brother does, which we feel is God’s way of telling us everything is going to be ok. Jane’s presense was required at god’s side, but she will always be in your heart !

  5. Michele

    So sorry for your loss. she was a very sweet baby. my prayers are with you because I know how hard it is to lose a wonderful member of the family. They are your family and your children and you can rest knowing that she is waiting to see you again. God Bless Jane. 🙁

  6. Lynette Hutton

    So sorry to hear that you have lost a small precious one. They creep into your heart and will stay there forever.

  7. Jo Lbales

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Some may not understand the heart ache we suffer when we lose our Fur babies . May the lord comfort you in your time of sorrow. God bless you <3

  8. tammy

    She is so precious lookin, im so sorry for yer loss, breaks my heart, loosin out bestest friends is always so hard, RIP BABY JANE

  9. Kelli

    My condolences to your little girl….she was sent here for a reason and did her job for those who got to know her. RIP little one.

  10. Ash

    I am sooo sorry for your loss. She is at the Rainbow bridge waiting for you. she will live on in memory as the tiny chihuahua with the big heart.

  11. Charlotte R

    All that I can say is I am sure that God saw Tiny precious Jane, and knew she was very special. He needed her in heaven to help teach some of the others who’s hearts were sad. What a darling girl jane was. I am so very happy that you shared her with us here on FB and allowed us to share your love for her. Thank you and God’s best blessings. Fly free tiniest angel~ Your friend charlotte from buffalo, ny.

  12. jennifer

    my chihuahua Oscar Googles left us after nine short years. they leave a hole in your heart. his ashes are in the same type of wooden box and his paw print sits on his urn. god bless you in this difficult sad time.

  13. Ellen Hayes

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss,just know that there will be many other Furbuddies waiting at the Rainbow Bridge to greet her and play with her,I know that my furbaby will be there waiting.
    God Bless and what a beautiful tribute:)

  14. Wendy

    poem for you…
    My heart is heavy, I’ve said ‘Good-bye’.
    but, where does a pet go when they die?
    My hope is that heaven is where they’ll be,
    and one day when I get there, I will see…
    .. sweet baby Jane… waiting for me!

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