jane teacupchihuahua

meet jane, a tiny chihuahua with a big heart! …isn’t she a bundle of cute!

teacup chihuahua with mother

“look mama, i’m famous!”

little jane was born in austin, texas along with 3 other litter mates on november 4th, 2013.  while her brothers and sisters continued to grow, jane however did not. some might mistakenly classify her as a teacup chihuahua, but in actual fact, she was just the runt of the litter and they are always much smaller than the other puppies.  regardless, everyone knew the moment little jane came out that she was special – there was just something extraordinary about her!

tiny teacup chihuahua puppy

now when we say tiny, we mean tiny!  at birth, jane weighed in at a mere 1.7 oz and today she is the size of a stick of butter and gets a daily feeding every 2-3 hours through a syringe to maintain her current weight at 3.8oz.  she could very well be the newest smallest dog in the world!

tiny teacup chihuahua

jane is on a special high-calorie diet to help her gain weight, but unfortunately she was just diagnosed with a heart murmur and her health is being monitored.  rest assured, she’s still a very healthy little girl!  follow jane on facebook at  jane, a tiny chihuahua with a big heart.

jane, you are loved dearly!  stay strong you sweet little bundle of chihuahua cute!

congratulations kassiann, your little baby jane is now a famous chihuahua!

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  • this puppy is cool. look at puppy not at arguments. yes.

  • And by the way you may have been co owner but who ever took care of her and loved her and dedicated there time to her.. thatsvher mama… i dont own my companions…and people that love there babies ….well they dont own them either….u werent there for her.. she was sick but she did not merely exist…she lived and she touched so many… screw your coowner ship it means nothing

  • Why would you peole post this garbage and argue … this beautiful baby has passed and all u think about is legalities and akc crap. Who cares this is for baby jane and whom ever was taking care of her.. u have a big heart and i commend you.. she touched my life in so many ways just seeing her make it as long as she did but thats because u and lil jane were tough… the world lost a true gift.. i wish i could have kissed her head and felt her breath she was and will always be very special… now stupid peole go somewhere else with that crap….

  • This is a really sad situation! The poor little Chi is the one who was suffering; not the humans who try to lie and manipulate! Its just SAD!

  • […] chihuahua would like to express their sincere condolences to kassiann foradory for the loss of her sweet baby jane.  it is with deep regret that we have to say goodbye to this little darling, who was also the 1st […]

  • It does look like this little baby has hydrocephalic though 🙁 I have seen many pups with that same swollen head, but if she is acting normal then that is a great sign! The mia foundation is great with these kind of dogs and can give more information on hydro pups.

  • Jess isn’t me & I did not post that on this page. Who ever it was copied & pasted that from a breeder review group I posted in. So Kassiann do not assume as you are wrong. If you have something to take up with me you know how to contact me. For those of you interested AKC DIDN’T give Kassiann sole ownership of the dogs and I am still listed as co-owner as they have a copy of our contract & know that your end remains unfufilled. I challenge you Kassiann to prove otherwise. Finally I would have never brought this to this oahe if you had no mentioned my name in an accusation.

  • Mandi are you just an angry person who doesn’t get her way? because kassie has reg. on both girls and doesn’t have to go thru u to reg. the pups. this forum is not for ur dirty laundry this was about jane and how special she was. problem with kassie send her a private message or go thru other means keep it off here. geez. so tired of the same crap differant day. grow up

  • ladies, this was handled through akc. i have no further contact with mandi johnston who is the above referenced “jess”. this woman has been irate and a basket case from the start, nothing can ever be handled correctly with her. it took 8 months for akc to get ahold of her, you’re right she is very unprofessional.

    i gave her well enough money for the dogs she feels entitled to have more.

    attacking a puppy that had no connection to the issue is beyond arrogant and immature.

    i apologize for the actions and am humiliated. i wrote the founder and asked this to be removed.

    it is completely unprofessional.

  • why are you attacking and using this sweet puppy that has passed away to get your vicious stories out. Grow up, move on with your life. That was very childish to use this post that has NOTHING to do with what you have an issue about.

  • Jess what does your comment have to do with this or Baby Jane? What “real truth” in regards to what kassiann wrote Are you referring to And why do you feel the need to air it out in public? jmo if you are a breeder this is very unprofessional on your part. A bad business transaction between you and someone else shouldn’t be mentioned here. This about giving emotional positive support to a struggling baby not to take jabs at someone you have a beef with. Nobody cares about your personal or business relations with kassiann this is about Jane! You seem really heartless, rude and unprofessional. Please just drop it.

  • Jess, you need to shut your yap about this,,,posting this crap on a public forum,,,after all, we all know that this is you, mandi johnston. Keep this crap to yourself or settle this with kass, not airing your dirty laundry here!

  • mandi, did you go through akc? They won’t let her register anything in her name if she is not the legal owner. can’t they handle this situation??

  • why do you feel the need to air all your dirty laundry out in public Mandi??? This isn’t the forum for this, and you look very childish and unprofessional. I have no opinion about your PRIvate situation with Kassiann, but reading this as an outside party, I suddenly feel involved, and would rather not. if she has broken some type of contract, then pursue your legal options in court, don’t go on a public rant that barely even makes sense.

  • This puppy Jane is a sickly genetic defect. She suffers from hydrocephalus, heart murmur and probably a liver shunt. She is a result of bad breeding…. Read below

    For those of you that have read what Kassiann Foradory has wrote & want the real truth tell her to post our Contract that was signed & agreed at the time she picked up the girls. She can lie all she wants but the proof is in our contract INCLUDING the lie about Only using her stud. Also ask her for proof she has papers on the Girls without me as co-owner.She doesn’t have them because as it states in our contract she doesnt have rights to sole ownership until she gives the puppies owed to me. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this girl she has lied & scammed MANY! Want proof? Please feel free to contact me if you would like to be put in contact with others lied to and scammed by this person. We had our WHOLE transaction posted in this group including our contract, AKC papers that list us both as co-owners, as well as her posts where she is even offering to “settle”. If she doesn’t owe she would never have offered to settle. People saw & read all of this and with her realizing how is only proves she lies she deleted EVERYTHING off this group during a short period she was able to become admin of this group when the original admin briefly lost her FB privileges. I will be re-posting it ALL as soon as I have the time to do so or heck if she is really telling the truth then she won’t mind posting proof of what she is saying.

  • I would really love to have your baby Jane, if you ever let her go please let me know. I’d love nothing better than to love an take care of her, she would be so spoiled for sure. Always be thinking of her frome now on. Thanks for sharing her.

  • She is a super cute baby!! I wish you lots of luck with her, hope she continues to be strong and grows!

  • I want to be friends with jane on Facebook how do I find her page?


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