chihuahua palooza

chihuahua palooza taking place at east bay shelters week of may 2nd

come and join in on the chihuahua palooza celebrations!

famous chihuahua is happy to support california’s east bay spca in their chihuahua palooza celebrations! the premise is simple, love your chihuahua, but remember that they are a responsibility requiring proper care and unconditional love. if you can meet the demands of caring and committing to one, then we encourage you to adopt a chihuahua!

did you know that over 2,000 small dogs become homeless in alameda county alone each year? this over-population problem is regional and concentrated in california. so what can you do about it? if you live in the area, you can show your support by joining in on the chihuahua palooza celebrations. here are more details for what you can look forward to.

free surgeries, education, reduced adoption fees and public chihuahua events!

They are cute. They are small. And they are everywhere. We see them carried on the red carpet by celebrities, on Taco Bell commercials and featured in their own movies. We see them in their own little carry-bags, with incredible clothes and jewelry. We love Chihuahuas. But too frequently that “awwwww” factor takes over and they become an impulse buy – a cute must-have accessory.

Dogs of all sizes need proper socialization and training. They require oversight in their interactions with children and need exercise and medical care. These tiny guys are a whole lot of love…a big dog in a tiny body. Small dogs can live up to 20 years. The kids may be off to college, but Tiny, the Chihuahua mix, will still be by your side. That’s a long time and a whole lot of kibble. For those looking for a long-time, indoors, high-energy companion, these small dogs are wonderful.

Still interested? Apparently the challenge of owning these small dogs sinks in for many unprepared owners quickly, as evidenced by the numbers – as many as half of the homeless dogs in local communities are Chihuahuas, Chihuahua mixes, and small dogs under 15 pounds. Over 2,000 small dogs each year find themselves in shelters in Alameda County alone. This over-population phenomenon appears to be regional and concentrated in California. Some shelters have taken to shipping these small dogs to other states where they are quickly adopted.

Get educated and find big love in a small package! Chihuahua Palooza is scheduled for the week of May 2nd, and will be held at many Bay Area shelters. The week includes fun activities, educational talks and materials, and of course, a ton of wonderful, adoptable Chihuahuas and small dog mixes will be available for adoption at reduced fees. Free or discounted spay and neuter services for owned small dogs will be offered.

As part of Chihuahua Palooza, the East Bay SPCA will offer 50% off adoption fees for small dogs, breed education, prizes and contests—Saturday May 7 in Oakland, and Sunday May 8 in Dublin. Please visit for more information, or call 877-474-8349 to schedule a free surgery for May 3.

These local animal welfare organizations will make an impact during Chihuahua Palooza week:

ARF   925-977-7900 x 494

Berkeley East Bay Humane Society  510-845-3633

Contra Costa Animal Services   925-335-8320

East Bay SPCA  510-569-0702

Fremont Animal Services  510- 790-6630

Hayward Animal Services   510-293-7200

Oakland Animal Services  510-535-5603

Peninsula Humane Society  650-340-7025

San Francisco SPCA  415-554-3030

San Jose Animal Care Center

Humane Society Silicon Valley  408-262-2133 x 108

Sonoma Humane Society  707-542-0882

The East Bay SPCA includes two shelters and three clinics in Oakland and Dublin. Founded in 1874, the East Bay SPCA is dedicated to finding a responsible, loving home for every adoptable dog and cat in our community. The East Bay SPCA is a non-profit organization and is supported entirely by local donors and organizations.

The East Bay SPCA is committed to the welfare of cats and dogs in the communities we serve. We strive to eliminate animal cruelty, neglect and overpopulation by providing programs and education that support people and companion animals.


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