harley hero dog

please support harley today as he meets with the president of the united states!

harley the famous chihuahua, puppy mill spokesdog and the 2015 american hero dog winner will be at capitol hill today in washington, d.c. to attend a congressional briefing along with the american humane association.  let’s all support him as he fights to put an end to puppy mills once and for all!

it is entirely possible that this one little puppy mill survivor and his family will be able to change the commercial dog breeding industry.  puppy mills are the product of a decades-old usda program which ran off the rails and turned into a multi-million dollar industry which treats breeding dogs like trash while peddling their always cute offspring to an unsuspecting american public.

“the time to stop this is now!”

harley 2015 hero dog award winner

a special news release by the american humane association:

los angeles, september 20 – heroes are not judged merely by their size, but by the size of their hearts.  following more than a million votes by the american public and the opinions of an expert panel of celebrity animal lovers and dog experts, a tiny chihuahua named harley from berthoud, colorado has been named this year’s most courageous canine and biggest dog star, beating out 170 other heroic hounds and capturing the top title of “american hero dog” at the 2015 american humane association hero dog awards®, presented by the lois pope life foundation, inc. and broadcast nationally on the hallmark channel this october 30 at 8 pm et/pt, 7 pm central time.

learn more about harley at his website harleypuppymilldog.com