baby mia anniversary

mia’s 1 year anniversary: a day to remember this very special chihuahua

cleft palate chihuahua

in honor of a very special dog, we dedicate this day to mia the cleft palate chihuahua

we are grateful and lucky to have had you in our live for a short period of time, you remain with us in our memories, in our thoughts and especially in our hearts. you were such an affectionate and sensitive little girl, who became the center of our lives and the true joy of our days.

everyone that crossed paths with you were somehow enhanced by the experience and they will always remember you even many years later, your personality was so unique and your will to live was so strong. it truly was an honor and privilege to have you in our world, such a precious little creature that made such a big impact.

you taught us patience, love and appreciation and you will always be present in our lives. thank you for mia for your courage, strength and unconditional love. the world misses you, but we will always honor this day in your memory so that you will never be forgotten.

kisses for our sweet baby mia, the tiny miracle chihuahua whose legacy will live on forever.

this video will not only make you laugh, but cry for joy in seeing how darling this little baby was.

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