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paris hilton blamed for chihuahua epidemic

is paris hilton really to blame for the abandonded chihuahua epidemic?
is paris hilton to blame for the abandoned chihuahua epidemic? reported that paris hilton has been blamed for an epidemic of abandoned chihuahuas in california animal shelters because she’s made toting around chihuahua puppies in tiny handbags a major trend.

the hotel heiress was investigated last year after admitting she owned 17 dogs, allegedly breaking u.s. laws that ban non-breeders from having more than three per address.

animal shelter bosses in santa barbara have now prohibited anyone under age 21 from adopting a miniature pup after seeing a growing trend of young women dumping their full-grown dogs when they’re sick of caring for them.

activists are now blaming hilton’s menagerie of teacup-sized chihuahuas for the growing problem.

chihuahua club of america head lynnie bunten tells the national enquirer, “chihuahuas are not a toy or a fashion accessory. but because some people think they are — then realize they’re wrong — there’s a growing problem of abandoned chihuahuas.”

famous chihuahua wants to know what you think.

is paris hilton to blame for accessorizing the chihuahua and for the growing problem of abandoned chihuahuas or is this really about careless and spontaneous decisions being made by uneducated young women?

if you love chihuahuas, adopt one. help us help abandoned chihuahuas everywhere by rescuing them from a shelter and providing them with a home.


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  • Omg paris isnt to blame for the chihuahua trend , i have 2 beautiful chihuahua’s ,i take them every where with me and there well love within the family , my children have grown up with them being around so there really soft ,everyone thinks there really snappy and horrible but i dont agree , i wouldn’t change them for anything ,if people arnt responsible enough tolook after them then they shouldnt even be allowed to buy them!!

  • The fault is with the people getting/adopting the dogs. They fail to consider the long term care requirements and inconviences, such as not being able to take a dog into certain stores and not being able to leave them in a often too hot/cold car. A common problem for the non-wealthy.

  • I agree with you. I have a little chihuahua. Sometimes I will take her with me to the places I go because I actually care. And I love her. Paris just loves dogs. There is nothing at all wrong with her carrying some dogs around!!! People always make big deals out of stars!! Oh I saw Vanessa Hudgens at the grocery store getting ketchup!! I saw Justin Bieber drink water!! I saw Paris Hilton carry some dogs around!!! BIG DEAL!!!!

  • I think that Paris really loves her dogs. I don’t think she is to blame for ‘creating a trend’. She’s not the first or the last person to take their dog everywhere. In fact, I see men with their big dogs driving in the passenger side of their trucks driving around the city. This is what dog lovers/owners do with their dogs. Take their dogs with them (whenever/wherever possible), not leave them home neglected day in and day out.
    It’s ridiculous to point fingers at Paris.

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