pablo famous chihuahua

the title of ‘world’s most famous chihuahua’ goes to …

pablo, the world's most famous chihuahua

in a recent celebrity chihuahua poll, famous chihuahua® asked our readers to vote for what celebrity chihuahua they thought deserved the title of the world’s most famous chihuahua. the five celebrity chihuahuas in the running were: tinkerbell (paris hilton’s chihuahua), gidget (the taco bell chihuahua), papi (star of beverly hills chihuahua), bruiser (the chihuahua from legally blonde) and youtube internet sensation, pablo.

with over 75% of the votes and an overwhelming number of support and comments from pablo fans from around the globe, it is with great pleasure that famous chihuahua proudly awards the title of the world’s most famous chihuahua to pablo the chihuahua!

today is pablo’s 6th birthday and famous chihuahua is happy to award him with this title in celebration of his special day. famous chihuahua also caught up with pablo’s owner to get an exclusive interview for the latest scoop on pablo’s likes, dislikes and much more!

to wish pablo a happy birthday and to read the exclusive pablo the chihuahua interview, click here


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