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best designer small dog bed: the petmate nap of luxury pet bed!

pamper your chihuahua with the petmate luxury pet bed!

chihuahuas are notorious for snuggling, burrowing and sleeping! that’s why the pampered chihuahua in your life deserves only the very best in sleeping comfort when it comes to luxurious designer pet beds.

funny chihuahua stories are known to occur in bed because many chihuahua owners don’t mind having their chihuahua sleep with them, but some owners prefer that their chihuahua sleeps in their own bed. those who prefer the latter usually do so because chihuahuas are also notoriously known to snore, so much that it will keep you up all night if you’re a light sleeper!

the petmate nap of luxury elevated pet bedpetmate nap of luxury elevated pet bed is a famous chihuahua favorite! it has a champagne frame and camel bedding. the sturdy, elevated metal frame bed is easy to assemble without tools. the bolstered foam bed construction provides comfort and security. the fabric is removable for washing. when assembled, the bed is 20″ long by 20″ wide and 16″ high.

what pet owners are saying about the petmate nap of luxury pet bed:

the minute this bed was out of the box and assembled (assembly takes less than 2 mins), my dog was up on it and curled around. he instinctively knew what it was for. the raised bed is just right for him. i tried those petbeds that are soft and can be pushed around and they never worked for him. mostly he would just try to drag them around and chew the stuffing out of them. this bed is outstanding and well worth the money.

they look like little people’s beds and are very cute!

this wonderful pet bed consists of only three parts that are assembled in five seconds. great design! it looks extremely cute and looks good with any bedroom furniture. you’ll love it because the ‘mattress’ or cushion is washable, strong and durable.

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