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five plush dog toys for your chihuahua!

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chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed in the world, but do not get fooled by their stature.  these are proud, fiercely loyal dogs with big personalities and egos.  however, in spite of their breed-specific negative character traits, if socialized right, they can be the gentlest creatures in the world.

early socialization is very important because chihuahuas are frequent victims of ‘’small dog syndrome’’, in which owners feel, due to the small size of the breed, that they do not need to provide the kind of training and care that larger dogs need.  this is obviously total nonsense, as every chihuahua owner who has fallen victim to this preconception will confirm.

like every dog breed bred, chihuahuas need a very specific subset of toys designed especially for this breed.  to help you make the best possible decision, we have compiled a small list of five plush dog toys that we believe are best suited to this particular dog variety.

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koala bear plush ball toy

the koala bear ball toy is one of those toys that will make your chihuahua go berserk with joy and excitement.  trust us, considering their stature, nothing will provide your chihuahua with a greater feeling of satisfaction that biting, throwing, and jumping on an animal two times bigger than him (even though it is unlikely that your dog knows what a koala bear even is).

in reality, the koala bear ball toy is actually a hard rubber ball masked as a koala bear, and it is ideal for playing fetch.  thanks to its sturdy materials and overall great structural integrity, this toy will withstand many intense chewing and biting sessions initiated by your little friend.  after he is tired of abusing it, the gentle squeak and soft materials will make for a perfect headrest for your chihuahua.  all in all, this is a multi-purpose toy that will keep your pet busy and happy for many months.

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little plush doggy ball toy

chihuahuas can become very aggressive once they reach adulthood if they are not properly socialized when they are little.  a good way to accomplish this is by encouraging your dog to play with the little doggy ball toy.  similar to the koala bear ball, this is actually a rubber ball with a few layers of materials thrown onto it to make it look like a dog.  as for the other materials, the ball is padded with a soft, puffy cloth that will provide your small friend with hours upon hours of biting, snuggling and cuddling.

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hamburger plush and squeaky dog toy

even though you should never, under any conditions, feed your dog with a hamburger, this does not mean you can’t let him play with a toy shaped as one.  your chihuahua’s brain will instantly make the connection between this toy and food, and he will naturally rush to bite and throw it around. the gentle, but entertaining squeaks will make your dog go even more haywire.  therefore, if you want a toy that will surely keep your energetic chihuahua busy while you are going about on your business, this juicy-looking toy hamburger is the ideal solution.

buy tiny pony plush dog toy

tiny pony plush dog toy

do not get fooled by its seemingly fragile neck, as the tiny pony toy is actually a great interactive toy designed for playing tug of war.  the neck is, in reality, a strongly intertwined rope which is very durable and can withstand repeated abuses.  when you want to take a break from playing tug of war with your chihuahua, you can simply let him chew and bit it until he gets bored.  like all toys highlighted throughout this article, the tiny pony toy lets out a squeak that your dog will find enticing and entertaining.  besides tug of war and chewing, your dog can also use this toy as a makeshift headrest thanks to its soft and cuddly materials.

simba lion plush ball toy

wrapping up this article is the simba lion ball toy, a hard rubber ball which is perfect for playing fetch with your chihuahua.  like the rest of the toys presented in this article, the simba lion will stand up to a lot of abuses, so you can leave your dog to bite and chew it at his discretion, without worrying that he will destroy it after a couple of play sessions.  while the hard rubber ball is made for playing, the rest of the toy – which is built out of soft materials – will provide your dog with warmth and comfort when he finally decides to call it a day and go to sleep.

if you have ever owned a dog before, you probably know better than to get fooled by appearances.  as small as they are, chihuahuas are proud, fiercely loyal dogs who will do everything to protect and please their owners.  and like all dogs, they need proper socialization and frequent playing sessions to keep them happy, healthy and active.  these five toys – simba lion ball toy, tiny pony toy, little doggy ball toy, hamburger plush & squeaky dog toy, koala bear ball toy – will provide your chihuahua with hours of joy and entertainment, not to mention that they will satisfy your dog’s urges to chew and bite.

featured image source: pixabay