meet billy, this little sweetheart is why we love animal rescue workers!

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this beautiful story will bring tears to your eyes, and make you thankful there are people like adam parascandola who work hard to rescue animals like billy.  thank you adam for rescuing this precious little angel!  famous chihuahua® sends our love and is now your number one fan!

looking to give the gift of unconditional love this christmas?  consider giving the gift of life and adopt a chihuahua.  click here to learn about chihuahua rescue organizations!

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Comments 5

  1. Maureen Anderson

    thank you for all you do and God bless! Merry Christmas and happy new year. keep up the good work!

  2. Maureen Anderson

    Oh my, Billy is so much like my Bunkey, my beloved bunkey, a puppy mill rescue that I fostered and then adopted, (only he has short hair). He has a heart murmur and has congestive heart failure. His medication is working wonders and I think he will defy the odds he was given.

  3. Cindy wells truckle

    omg billy your so adorable and none of those pups deserve this shittty treatment they been getting thank you for doing what you all do for these beautiful creatures!!! kisses for all the animals !! merry christmas

  4. Cindy maides

    Omg Billy your so adorable and None of those pups Deserve this shittty Treatment they Been getting Thank You for Doing what you ALL DO for these Beautiful Creatures!!! Kisses for all the animals !! Merry Christmas

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