darcy chihuahua running

drumroll…and the title of the 2015 world’s cutest famous chihuahua® goes to darcy!


the official title of “the 2015 world’s cutest famous chihuahua” goes to … darcy!

congratulations to jessica shield from north east england, newcastle!  her sweet 3 month old chihuahua darcy is the winner of our 2015 world’s cutest famous chihuahua picture contest!  her adorable little face won the world over in this year’s 2015 voting polls!  “what a little darling!”

worlds cutest chihuahua

what makes darcy so cute?

darcy is the friendliest and most outgoing chihuahua ever!  she loves to shower people with love and kisses and her personality is larger than life!  she also enjoys paying hide and seek – one time jessica even found her hiding inside the sofa!  cuddling is also a favorite pastime for darcy.  she especially likes to snuggle up on the sofa next to mommy and enjoy a yummy treat!

teacup chihuahua running

darcy also enjoys exploring all the lovely wonders of mommy’s glorious garden.  she always take the time to stop and smell mommy’s beautiful lavender, hence the photo below!  isn’t that just too cute!

chihuahua smelling lavendar

what has darcy won?

darcy has won a fabulous customized gift box from the famous chihuahua store filled with adorable chihuahua clothes and accessories as well an authentic famous chihuahua® dog t shirt!

fur dog coats

famous chihuahua would like to thank everyone who submitted their chihuahua for this contest.  it was another monumental year for submissions making it very difficult to narrow it down to only 10 chihuahuas.  we strongly feel that every chihuahua deserves to be famous and we are honored to have received so many incredibly wonderful pictures.

stay tuned! tomorrow we will announce the winner of america’s cutest famous chihuahua!

if you want to see your chihuahua on our site, then click here to submit your chihuahua picture!


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