angel-caramelo, the deerhead chihuahua from mexico

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sweet angel-caramelo, an adorable tiny deerhead chihuahua from mexico

hello famous chihuahua®

my name is carla and i’m the proud owner of a beautiful deerhead chihuahua named angel-caramelo. my sweet little angel is four years old and from a reputable chihuahua breeder in mexico.

angel enjoys eubanuba treats, loves to wear chihuahua clothes and sleeps with her stuffed monkey every night when she goes to bed as you see in the picture above. she gets a kick out of scaring our neighbor’s border collie with her barking and she runs and hides when she knows it’s bath time.

angel is very spoiled and knows she is the baby of the house. she has brought a lot of joy into our lives and we simply can’t imagine life without our sweet little angel-carmelo.


carla from mexico

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Comments 7

  1. Tilly

    She is ust beautiful I have a little chihuahua she will be 2 in May this year. I love reading your site on chihuahua facts and stories

  2. Cathy

    Dear Carla~
    Wow it is amazing ! I live here in WI, and I have a Chi that looks like your chi’s twin and her name is Angel to ! I would love to send you a photo its amazing and yours is soooo cute tooo

  3. Ibe

    Tu perrito es el chihuahua mas hermoso que he visto, tu y tu mamá han hecho un buen trabajo con el. Bueno, pues sigan igual, se cuidan mucho y felicidades por su gran familia.
    Atte. Ibe

  4. Misha y Gaby

    We know in person to this little angel, but let us tell you that is not so angel, because sometimes she turns into a wild dog, she doesn´t matter her size and attack when she doen´t like somebody.

    But, other times she is nice with you but only when she is sleep.
    A good side of her is that she has a good behevior and she is so fashion and she is so beautiful.

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