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thank you daddy for rescuing me!

dear famous chihuahua®

this is the story of my 8 year old rescue chihuahua chica. she has changed my life for the better, but she would have never come into my life if our other dog had not passed away. the brighter side to this is that even though chica came at a price, I am so glad I was there to take her in and give her a home. she was rescued from the tri county animal rescue that saved her before she was to be put down. I have 3 rescued dogs from this shelter, 2 are chi-mixed.

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chica loves cheese, pickles and black licorice. she also perks up when she hears any toy that squeaks! She sings on command, but cannot carry a tune and is an obsessive licker, but only with me. She will lick you for as long as you let her. She has eaten holes in my favorite blanket, it’s a wool blanket that she thinks is her woobie. As soon as I take out the woobie to take a nap she runs and gets under it for a good and well deserved nap.

When I got Chica from the shelter, she hated almost every human she saw. When I got her home, it took about 6 hours of being growled at, snarled at, and even bit often to get my point across I was not threat. Yes I know you are supposed to let them come to you. The woman over the shelter told me that when she took in Chica, she didn’t see her for 2 weeks, that she hid from her the whole time. I didn’t want that for her.

So after many attempts to give Chica cheese and calming talks to how violence is very unbecoming to her, i dawned a house show and an oven mitt (as protective gear) and attempted a pre-emptive strike towards a belly rub. Well needless to say neither survived and my hands we quite red after that, but once I gave her the unexpected love and affection she so wanted but was afraid, She just changed. it was Just like flipping a switch. Took an act of bravery on my part to show her all I wanted was to love her. She has been a close and dear friend to me.

A few years ago, I met my current girl friend and brought my dogs over one by one to see how they would get along with her kids and her dog. Well Chica was still Chica for the most part and growled when anyone came near her. I told her son that she was to be paid in cheese so he may pass without fear for his ankles. He gave her many cubes of her favorite cheese and since then, when he walks by, her ears melt back and she wags her tail so hard she moves her whole body. So yes. The violent Chica has gone, and the standard payment of cheese for any new visitors who passes through her domain stands. Post payment she will be your friend. A far change from the once violent dog I took in.

the first time my son met Chica, I only had her a few months so the aggressive Chihuahua was still very much there. He was so afraid of her. I think she was just playing with him knowing he was fearful of such a “warrior dog” as she like to present herself. he would not leave the couch or go to the bathroom because he feared she would chase him. She would have never harmed him, but he didn’t know that. So he waited an entire night on the couch once. I thought it very funny that such a small dog can bring so much fear into people. As with everyone else who has gotten to know and love Chica, She is a small dog with a very big heart. She must first learn to trust you, and then she is your friend for as long as you are around her.

When I met Chica, she was scared, hated all humans and didn’t trust anyone. She has come a long way and has learned to love and trust again. My life has been similar to her’s. It occurred to me one day if she could learn to trust me and love me unconditionally maybe I can once again trust people. Each of my rescue dogs has taught me something about myself. I am forever grateful for their lessons they have taught me and will be forever in the debt for their unconditional love and trust. So I make sure belly rubs come often and without being asked.


james wells of* Charlotte Area, North Carolina

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  1. Nancy

    What a great story of unconditional love on both your parts. you are a wonderful man to not give us. my rescue chihuahua chip, who was also featured in famous chihuahua in december is the light of my life and there is nothing i wouldn’t do for him. keep taking care the way you do of her and she’ll live many happy years with you as her bhf (best human friend)!

  2. James Wells

    chica is asleep (on my pillow) who knew…

    this video is a clip of her at play 6 months after she was made a “doodle” my dog clan is the clan of Doodle… so she is chica doodle… enjoy…

  3. James Wells

    Chica is asleep on my spot. she likes to lay between us or on my head. tomorrow we will go celebrate chica’s “famousness”…. cant wait… night night…

    the above picture is chica about 6 months after i got her. peewee we also got as a companion… enjoy the little chica at play…

  4. lcarr

    I loved reading such a sweet and heartwarming story. Chihuahuas are such funny natured little creatures so I would imagine that one that has been abused was a handful. So glad that you hung in there with her and won her over. God bless you both and hope you will have a long and happy life together.

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